Celebrity Big Brother: Day 11


Day 11 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…


Following Friday’s events, Big Brother has decided to allow Heidi and Spencer to remain in the basement. The couple awake and notice that half of their nation’s flag has fallen off the wall. Heidi rushes to reattach it and Spencer mentions that the other housemates had “declared war” on them the previous night.

While the housemates go though their morning routine Spencer and Heidi are getting ready too. In the bedroom, Tricia talks to Claire about Razor’s snoring. “I felt like crying,” she starts and Claire said she only heard a bit of the noise before squashing her ear into the pillow, adding: “I must have managed to block it out.” Tricia hopes that the housemates get something to do today, she laughs adding: “The last time I said that, it all ended in tears.” Gillian and Claire laugh with her.

Big Brother reminds housemates that on Friday, Spencer and Heidi put Claire and Rylan up to face the public vote. Housemates are now informed that with the exception of Spencer and Heidi, today, all housemates must nominate. Spencer and Heidi cheer adding: “Time to get even Claire and Rylan!” In the bedroom, Razor reminds Claire that he had told her things will be fine regarding nominations. “Depends who else is up,” she muses. “I’m losing my appetite in here which means I need to stay in here as long as possible,” she jokes.


Spencer and Heidi exit the basement as Razor and Ryan discuss the prospect of snow out in the garden. Rylan is in the dairy room talking to Big Brother about today’s big news. “I’m glad that the rest of the house is gonna get to nominate, it’s awful knowing I was going up against Claire from Steps, she’s a really good friend of mine in here.” He says that Claire is relieved at the news and that he isn’t ready to leave the house. “I’ve had a lovely time, I’ll miss the house, I’ll miss you,” he confesses. Rylan says that he will be fine if he goes because his fellow housemates have been able nomination. He thinks that Heidi and Spencer would “expect to be up.” Big Brother asks Rylan is he has anything else he would like to discuss. “Global warming, I don’t know what it is,” he deadpans.


Claire is making the most of the gym. She says that she has a treadmill in her living room: “But I’ve never, never switched it on, I’ve stood on it, March last year I brought it,” she laughs and tells Tricia she will start using it once gets back home. Frankie is in the garden quizzing Razor about today’s nominations. Razor recaps the instructions: “We can’t nominate Rylan or Claire, and they can’t vote.” Frankie is confused as to why Spencer and Heidi cannot vote and Razor tells him: They’ve had their say, they’ve had their vote, they don’t do f**k all do they, they’re not in the house are they,” he remarks.

Spencer and Heidi are in the living area looking at the housemate portraits, eyeing up the competition. They discuss the order in which housemates will leave, “Two go on Wednesday, one goes on Friday,” speculates Heidi. Spencer jokes that he’s going to meditate about evictions and chants “Ohmmmmm,” and Heidi joins in.


Lacey is in the bedroom preparing for nominations. Some of the housemates are in the bathroom where Rylan is planning tonight’s activities for them. He says that he will give his housemate makeovers later and hopefully Big Brother will plan something nice for them. Big Brother announces that nominations will start shortly. Gillian is wrapped in her towel and giggles: “I better put some knickers on then.” Spencer and Heidi are in the bedroom, excited about the up coming nominations. “I hope it’s face-to-face, it’s more exciting,” she smile. Spencer tells her that before entering the house, he saw odds of them winning at “20-1.” He adds: “If we put on 1000 bucks we would have won 20 grand.” “Is it too late,” she quips and they all laugh. “Lacey call our bookie,” Spencer jokes as they head out of the bedroom. In the living area Frankie tells the couple that before entering the house, he had read that, “Rylan was favourite to win.” “I’ll bet money now we’re favourite to win,” Spencer muses.


Spencer and Heidi are in the living room. Heidi walks sexily towards the diary room. “Look at that booty, I think Beyoncé was singing about you in Bootylicious, that thing is so beautiful, I just wanna tap it,” Spencer gushes. “You will honey,” Heidi says before joining him at the sofa then bends to kiss him. Razor and Rylan are in the garden talking about eviction. “If you stay you’ll be happy, if I go I can give my missus a big cuddle, you’re in a win-win situation,” Razor tells him. “You won’t be up,” Rylan reassures him as they both notice Spencer and Heidi getting close on the sofa. “I saw them kiss this morning, on the lips,” remarks Rylan and Razor feigns disbelief. “On the lips,” Rylan repeats adding: “They didn’t think anyone was looking.”

Today is nominations day and Ryan is first into the diary room. He nominates Heidi and Spencer, “They don’t do enough around the house,” then Razor, citing his continued snoring. Next is Tricia who again opts for Spencer and Heidi who she brands as “false.” Her second choice is Lacey who she says is “so, so untidy.” Frankie nominates Lacey who he thinks is “making extra effort to be noticed” and doesn’t think this is “the real Lacey.” His second choice is Spencer and Heidi who he saw “another side to” when they returned to the house. “They snapped, it was quite scary to be honest,” he adds. Gillian is next to nominate and names Spencer and Heidi. She blames them for the “certain atmosphere” they brought into the house when they returned. Lacey is her second choice and says that all though “I love her to bits,” she can be a bit “annoying.” Gillian returns to the house and is clearly upset, Rylan hugs her and whispers: “Just remember we’re all doing it, we have to.”


Razor and Rylan are talking to Ryan about Neighbours. They ask him if anyone in the cast is an “arsehole” he says no. Rylan probes on whether Ryan would jump ship to Home & Away if they made a big money offer. He says yes.

Lacey is telling Heidi and Spencer about her political views. She says that she doesn’t think its fair that the government gives out “free money” to young single mothers. She also doesn’t think people should be given council houses. She thinks nobody should be given benefits until they are 25 as they are taking money that should go to pensioners. She says she will change that if she takes power.


Ryan is giving some of the housemates a history lesson and confirms that “the first fleet (to Australia) was convicts.” Spencer asks if that’s why during rugby the New Zealand team performs the Hakka. “Yeah it’s a war dance,” Ryan tells him and begins to do it. Today is nominations day and so far, Spencer and Heidi has 4 nominations, Lacey had 3 and Razor has 1. Claire is the next to nominate and names Heidi and Spencer. She mentions that out of all the housemates the couple never “chips in” to help with tidying the house or helping at meal times. Her next nomination is for Lacey who she said made a crude comment which was “unladylike.” Rylan is next and opts for Spencer and Heidi and mentions their comments that he was “fake, dishonest and played up to the cameras.” Rylan disputes this adding: “What a load of b*****ks.” His second nomination is for Lacey. He said that during the big argument with Heidi and Spencer, they forgave Lacey for badmouthing them because of her age. He says that Lacey took “the easy route out,” while he took the brunt of the blame.

Lacey is up next and first nominates Razor, “His snoring is driving me crazy, I really just want a good night’s sleep.” Her second nomination is Spencer and Heidi, and blames their constant remarks about “wanting to go home,” which makes her more homesick. The final housemate to nominate is Razor: “My first nomination is for Heidi and Spencer, the Americans, the pair of Pratts,” he starts. He brands them “lazy” and “rude” who were “rude to Rylan which was over the top.” He adds: “It’s not fair that they’ve got their own space to go to.” His next nomination is for Lacey who he claims “burps all the time,” and has “terrible language,” for a lady.

Heidi and Spencer received 8 nominations, Lacey received 6 nominations; they will both join Rylan and Claire to face the public vote. Frankie, Gillian, Ryan and Tricia received no nominations.


In the bedroom Rylan is giving Ryan a makeover. Big Brother gathers all housemates on the sofa. Housemates are pleased with Ryan’s makeover and Heidi jokes: “Is this your way to get out of nominations?” Big Brother announces that Spencer and Heidi and Lacey will join Claire and Rylan in facing the public vote. The couple cheers as housemates applaud them while Rylan assures Lacey that not everyone nominated her. “The good news Lacey, is you know it wasn’t us,” Spencer remarks.


Heidi and Spencer are in the bathroom talking about their fellow housemates. She mentions that it’s good to see that “those who thought they were untouchable are.” Rylan is now giving Razor a makeover. Some of the housemates are enjoying a bowl of ice cream. Razor comes into the living area with his makeover complete. “It’s just like looking in a mirror,” he comments holding up a blank square in front of his face. He turns it over to reveal a picture of Gillian while Gillian and the rest of the housemates laugh hysterically. “Separated at birth,” Gillian remarks.

It’s been 33minutes since Lacey found out she’ll be facing the public vote. In the diary room she tells Big Brother that her fellow housemates have led “amazing lives,” in comparison and says that she is “just beginning.” She says that she is messy but “mucks in,” but feels like more of an “outsider,” but has tried to “stay honest.”


Frankie is in the bedroom playing dress up. He is tottering around in heels and wearing a dress. “You’re seriously enjoying that,” Tricia jibes. Earlier, Rylan also gave Lacey a male makeover. In the living area Lacey talks to Spencer and Heidi. She tells them that she feels fine about her nomination and Spencer tells her, “I think they voted for you cos they all have alliances, they’re like a team.” Heidi adds, “They don’t want you around, all young, that’s just 101. You don’t realize how age is with women.” Heidi continues: “With these women, it’s a very sensitive (issue).” Spencer says that the women in the house are cautious of Lacey because she’s a glamour model and they would worry about their husbands’ reaction to her. Lacey listens as the pair continues. “Enjoy yourself, in the outside world I’m sure you wouldn’t even talk to them, they would never talk to you, these people aren’t anything significant, it’s okay to be polite, but never care,” warns Heidi.


For today’s task housemates will be competing for exclusive invitations to Big Brother’s party. Only 5 housemates will be invited following the Shocking Good Fun task. All of the housemates are wearing shock suits. All housemates need to do in order to secure an invitation is mentally work out when a minute has passed; the only way a housemate can indicate when they think a minute is up is by delivering an electric shock to the housemate they are playing for. At the end of the task Big Brother reveals that Gillian, Frankie, Tricia, Razor and Claire will all attend the special party.


The victorious housemates are enjoying cocktails and canapés at Big Brother’s exclusive VIP party in living area. The losers are left to attend a party in the igloo; Big Brother has provided cider for them to drink. Heidi and Spencer opt out, “We’re gonna go to bed,” Heidi moans while Spencer adds, “I thought there would at least be a bottle of wine.” The shutters go up and losing housemates look on as the VIPs enjoy themselves. Rylan pleads through the glass. “Hello, I’ve got my ID, tell them it’s Toadie from Neighbours and the tall one off of X Factor and a bird from Page 3 and the American’s from The Hills.” They head into the igloo and Rylan comments, “I can get p***ed on cider, shall we get f***ked?” Heidi and Spencer wait outside the basement door, hoping Big Brother will open it.

In the living area, the party is in full swing as the housemates dance.
Heidi and Spencer are in the diary room demanding to enter the basement. They feel they have done enough tonight. Big Brother tells them to go to the bedroom. Once there, they find Rylan, Lacey and Ryan drinking cider and having fun.


Heidi and Spencer are entering the basement. The housemates who lost the task have taken their budget cider into the living area. Tricia shows them a magic trick making Claire’s ring disappear. Rylan has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about the events of the day. He mentions that Heidi and Spencer’s reason for nominating him were “b*****ks,” but says that despite being up for nomination, he is enjoying his time in the house. He worries that the couple should be getting more “involved” with their fellow housemates. “You wanna stay, you wanna win, don’t make it all about you, get involved, enjoy the company. There’re a lovely couple and I’ll never take that away from them but for God’s sake, get involved, who wants to go to bed at half past seven when you’re in the Big Brother house, have a look in the store room or something?” he rants.