Celebrity Big Brother: Day 17


Day 17 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…

Housemates are feeling fragile after partying hard last night. Frankie thinks out loud ‘six more days’. Claire and Tricia decide to make a fry up for everyone.
From her bed, Heidi tells Spencer, “I’m so dizzy…” He replies, “Duh you’re so dizzy, you drank like a fricking fishy.”
Claire is preparing the fry up breakfast.
Spencer is the first housemate to tuck into the breakfast. “Eggs are incredible, bacon is incredible. Thank you. I think there should be a celebrity cook-off between Frankie and Claire.” Heidi joins Spencer at that the dining table, they both seem to be enjoying the fry up breakfast.

In the kitchen some of the housemates are cleaning up. Tricia looks in the mirror and says to Claire, “Look at the state of me…I don’t want anyone to see me like this.”
In the living area, housemates are talking about being in the movies. Rylan announces, “I’ve done a couple of films when I was younger…I was one of the kids in Love Actually, and then I was in Harry Potter, I was Ron Weasley’s body double as I was a ginger kid. My big break!” Heidi quips, “No way!” Spencer tells Rylan, “Heidi is so obsessed with Harry Potter. You’re famous. Forget the X Factor!”

Ryan is washing his clothes in the bath. In the garden, Razor decides to build a snow man.

Rylan is in the diary room and he’s not happy. He asks Big Brother if they got his request about his suit case. Big Brother replies, “Rylan, Big Brother cannot get your washing to your mum whilst you’re still in the house.” He moans, “I washed my clothes in Ibiza, it was different out there. I can use a washing machine in Spanish. I don’t know how it works over here.” Big Brother asks if he’s washed any of his clothes whilst he’s been in the house.
“I’ve washed some underwear in the sink. I don’t think it’s good for your hands.”
On the sofas, Speidi are talking to each other. Heidi wishes, “I really hope we make it to Friday.” Spencer whispers, “I think Tricia and Claire might go. It’s probably women calling, women don’t like women.” Heidi agrees. “Good thing you’re not a woman!”
Spencer grins, “Speidi isn’t a woman neither, Speidi is a super power!” The couple kisses and Heidi smiles ‘it’s so exciting’.

Razor and Ryan are putting the finishing touches to the snow man in the garden.


Speidi have been called into the diary room to take part in today’s task Big Blogger. Big Brother tells Speidi that the Big Brother website runs a daily bulletin called Big Blogger, and that viewers have sent in some questions for the couple to answer as Speidi topped an online poll of who viewers would most like to talk to. The couple cheer, Spencer remarks, “Topping polls baby!” Speidi are led down to a set in the task room.
What they don’t know is that Big Blogger is a big fake, and that the other housemates will be watching the entire interview from the living area and typing their own questions to Speidi during the fake live web chat. To pass the task Speidi must believe that Big Blogger is real.
Big Blogger asks Speidi some fake twitter questions; the rest of the housemates watch on. Speidi are excited.

The first fake question is ‘why do you think you keep getting saved?’ Heidi replies because she thinks they’ve been ‘the most honest in the house and that people can relate to us and the struggle that they’ve been going through’. Housemates laugh, Razor remarks, “F**king struggle sleeping all day!”
Another question is asked, ‘you are always saying in the diary room how much you want to win Celebrity Big Brother but you’ve also said you hate the experience and want to leave – which is it?’ Spencer replies, ‘We 100% want to win, we always have but we do hate living with these people and they are awful to live with. They don’t like us.” Heidi adds, “We’ve had one of the hardest experiences out of everyone who has been on Celebrity Big Brother. We’ve been put through a lot.” Spencer thinks all his housemates are ‘fake’.

Speidi are asked’ do you regret not getting involved with the rest of the housemates?’ In unison they both reply ‘no’. Spencer tells, “We regret doing anything with them. I wished we never did tasks with them.” Heidi comments, “We need to keep a boundary from them, they are losing it.” From the living area Razor thinks they ‘are going over the top’ and Rylan says ‘this is real’.

Big Blogger moves onto the fake live web chat. It’s now the housemates’ turn to quiz Speidi; Rylan poses as a Speidi super fan: SusyEssex89. He types questions from the main house to Big Blogger.
Rylan types, ‘OMG hello I love you guys, you are my favourite!’ Speidi smile and Heidi quips, ‘We love you! You are so sweet and cute. You can tell she’s super cute…I love Susy!”
The first question asked is, ‘who is your least favourite?’ The couple replies ‘they are all equal’.
‘SusyEssex89’ also asks ‘what is the most annoying thing someone has done?’ Speidi smile. Housemates look on in shock. Spencer explains he hates that Ryan hangs up his laundry around the house.
Spencer speaks about the night he argued with Rylan “Rylan proved exactly what we’re saying – that he is the fakest in the house as he freaked out, you don’t go that crazy.” Rylan is angered by this.

Next question asked is, ‘do you get on with Razor?’ Spencer replies, “Yes. But outside of here I think he will be a straight a*sehole.”
Speidi say that they will try and stay positive for the rest of the week. They say that Frankie ‘wants to go home the most, he makes good pasta but whatever.’
SusyEssex89 AKA Rylan, concludes with Speidi, “I love you guys so much, please follow me on twitter!” Heidi loves this.

Ryan thinks, “They could be playing their hated personas.” Ryan says, “Ryan, this is them. This is their chance to show who they really are to the fans, the public, they’ve just sat there and said ‘we hate them all I don’t want anyone of them to win and I’m (Rylan) fake. F**k them.”
Another fake question from a web user is, ‘will you be inviting any of your housemates to come and visit you?’ Heidi replies, “No they are banned from visiting us! I want to get an alert when they are coming to America.” Rylan quips, “Well you’re not welcome in Essex!”

Heidi adds, “You don’t realise these housemates are all on edge, they are ready and waiting to fight with us.” Rylan shouts, “You have played us like a f**king fiddle!” Claire adds, “I’ve told you from the start.”
Spencer says, “These people are weird, they could be a travelling circus!”
Big Blogger comes to an end; Speidi thanks their fans and the web team and look pleased about how their ‘interview’ went.
Rylan remarks, “You have just confirmed what I thought of you that night I had the row with you, you snidey bast*rds. We’ve got to pass this task. The second this is revealed I will tell them where to go.”

Speidi re-enter the house, they tell the housemates they have been talking to Big Brother for all that time. The housemates play along.

Frankie is helping Heidi to cook some pasta.

Tricia comes to talk to Big Brother about Speidi. “They have well and truly fooled the lot of us. They have played the best acting role I have ever seen, the last four days they have been so nice to us. Honestly, Oscar performance. I actually liked them. To witness what we’ve just seen, it’s not nice. He has a nasty streak in him. I think there could be a bit of a kick-off.”

Speidi are still unaware that their Big Blogger interview was a fake. They are eating at the dinner table.

In the garden, Rylan asks Razor, “How have they been playing us like that? I’m not even going to speak to them afterwards.” Razor replies, “I’m not going to get involved as I’ll get angry. Don’t get angry, tell them you’ve just seen the most fakest people in your life.” Rylan concludes, “That’s two-facedness at its best.”
Spencer is asking Frankie what he is cooking in the kitchen.

Big Brother gathers all housemates on the sofas. Tricia remarks, “O what’s this? Task task!”

Big Brother announces that Speidi’s earlier interview with Big Blogger was in fact a secret task and that the housemates were watching the whole time. Speidi sit in silence, smirking on their usual spot on the sofas. Big Brother reveals that housemates passed the task and that they will be rewarded with an American themed party. Rylan remakes, “I just want to say that I loved being Susy!” Spencer replies, “Loved being Susy? We loved Susy!” Rylan adds sarcastically, “Make sure you follow me on twitter yeah?!”
Tricia said it was so funny watching the couple. Spencer says he ‘doesn’t have fun doing anything, he has fun getting saved’. He adds, “No one will talk to each other when they get out of here.” Housemates disagree.

Rylan asks if Spencer feels he has been genuine. He replies, “Nothing about my feeling for you has changed since you put us in the basement.”
Tricia asks Spencer, “Why are we weird?” He replies, “Cos you’re not like us. What’s not us is weird.” Rylan explains that he’s living this experience like it’s real life and being genuine. He goes onto to say that Speidi are the ‘fakest housemates ever to walk in this house’. Spencer replies, ‘great’ and Heidi keeps quiet.

Speidi are on the sofas talking between themselves, they have no regrets about what they said in the task. “We’re good, great telly! We didn’t say one bad thing about Trish.” Frankie listens in. Spencer thinks Rylan is fuming. Frankie comments, “It’s only a game Spencer!”
Razor and Rylan are in the garden. Rylan says, “More faces than Big Ben. I’ll speak to him, I don’t argue with women. They sit there talking amongst themselves. No one else ever says anything, I always argue for what I thought was right. I’d rather be known for that than not saying anything. I won’t be walked over by two players; they are made for each other.” Razor thinks they have made themselves ‘look stupid’.

The American themed party is underway. Only Speidi are getting into the party spirit, the other housemates watch on from the sofas. Ryan is doing the dishes.
Tricia quips, “Best party I’ve ever been to.” Rylan groans, “It’s great.”

Speidi in their American hats, are called to the diary room. The couple thinks it’s the best party Big Brother has ever thrown. Spencer says, “Thank you so much for giving us another incredible task, us versus them. We are surviving. There’s many countries that hate each other that meet up for dinner, but they still go to war. Even our amazing President Obama said he would have a meeting with the President of Iran, when America isn’t super tight with Iran, he’s not being fake.”
In the living area, Rylan says he ‘doesn’t want anything to do with them (Speidi)’. Tricia said she’s not going to be rude to them.

Spencer adds, “He has never said he will call one of these people when he’s out. We are trying to be champions, it’s just a game. It’s a game plan here ladies and gentleman. I hate them in the game, I will not think about one of these people again post Friday.”

Ryan has gone to bed to look at his family photos.

In the living area, there is an awkward atmosphere. Speidi are talking to some of the housemates. Tricia asks them, “What about a thank you for the party we have thrown tonight for you?” Heidi says, “You didn’t throw it!” Tricia said that they won the party for them.
Speidi said they realised that it was a fake interview. Tricia remarks, “You looked like you were buzzing?!” Spencer replies, “We are used to everything being fake, this isn’t Heartbeat!” The soap star states, “You two are the best actors I’ve ever seen.” Speidi quips, “We’ve got Emmy nominations for reality television!”

Razor, Rylan and Frankie are in the smoking area. Rylan says, “I can’t quite believe the conversation I’ve just heard, they are winning people round. So much b*llocks going on in this house tonight it is unreal.” Razor thinks Speidi are ‘immature’.

In the bathroom, Spencer tells Heidi, “Rylan should be thankful we are on his series. He is as fake as we say he is.” Heidi thinks he is so ‘vain and annoying’. “He doesn’t even know who to be.”

Rylan is in the diary room. “Everyone is sitting there like its all fine, all fine now and I’m like b*llocks it ain’t. I don’t like holding grudges but drop me out…they’ve just mugged us all off. I’d rather have a conversation with the two snowmen we’ve built in the garden. If I was at home watching this I would be like oh brilliant a bit of game play, but being in here they can do one.”

All of the housemates are in bed. Rylan and Claire’s pillow talk is all about Spiedi. Rylan comments, “That was their true colours.” Claire adds, “Like they’ve said, they are reality stars. They’ve contradicted themselves…they’ve said to you you’re fake but they’re fake because they’re just trying to make good TV. They are not being real.”
Rylan concludes, “They have singled me out as I’m a character and I get on with people.”