Celebrity Big Brother: Day 3

Day 3 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…


In the dark basement, four housemates have survived another night. In the main house, most housemates are asleep. Last night Frankie was banished to the basement and Heidi and Spencer sent to the main house to live in luxury.

Heidi and Spencer are in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast. Spencer whispers to Heidi, “Do you think there’s no power?” She agrees as she can’t get the toaster to work.

Paula comes to the kitchen to make tea; she discovers the kettle won’t turn on. “I can’t put the kettle on, toaster won’t work. They’re (Big Brother) messing!” she tells her housemates.


Rylan, Claire and Lacey are in the bedroom. Claire tells Lacey she hates doing her make-up.

Heidi and Spencer are in the diary room talking about their first night. Heidi thinks the house is “amazing” as it’s so luxurious. Spencer sits in silence.

In the basement, Sam is talking to Frankie about his time upstairs. Frankie says the fridge is full of food. Razor is salivating.

Back in the diary room, Heidi says, “The housemates in the main house are very feminine and softer, definitely different from all the jokes and ‘manliness’ in the basement.” Spencer adds, “Having a wife is enough female for me.” Big Brother asks him if he has forgiven Rylan for sending him to the basement. “I’ll forgive Rylan after I nominate him for eviction, then we will be even, and then he will be forgiven. But no, he is not forgiven; I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of my life actually. I know I wouldn’t have put strangers in the basement, it’s not my thing. I’d rather take the hit and be the hero. Both Frankie and Rylan will be picked for nomination.” Heidi laughs.


Big Brother gathers all of the upstairs housemates on the sofas. Earlier today housemates discovered there was no electricity working in the house. Big Brother announces to the house – also screened to the housemates in the basement – that it was intending giving housemates a delicious cooked breakfast, however the weather has played havoc with the power supply and has requested the housemates help with the back-up generator to restore the power. Paula smirks, “Yeah, yeah.” To restore power and win a delicious breakfast, a crank handle surrounded by a trough full of oil must be turned in order to create an electric charge. When the meter is full the generator will start.

The upstairs housemates must choose two of the basement dwellers to take part in this generator task. Claire suggests, “Either Sam or Ryan, or Sam or Frankie.” The group pick Frankie and Sam. Lacey shouts, “Hurry up we want electricity!”

In the garden, Frankie and Sam are dressed in boiler suits ready for their task. Paula thinks they both look “so sexy”. The pair gets to work cranking the handle; all housemates apart from Spencer cheer them on. Afterwards they both admitted it was a tough task and Frankie says he noticed that Spencer wasn’t cheering them on. The duo successfully passes the task, and housemates are over the moon.

Big Brother announces to the whole house that Frankie and Sam were successful, and housemates have therefore won a cooked breakfast. However there are two types of breakfast on offer, one a delicious cooked breakfast with bacon butties and smoked salmon. The other is a bog standard breakfast in a tin. It’s up to the housemates in the main house to decide which breakfast they would like to receive in the main house and which breakfast is sent to the breakfast. They cheer and announce they will take the breakfast in the tin and give their basement housemates the delicious cooked breakfast.

The basement dwellers are ecstatic! Paula asks Big Brother, “All of us would love them to receive it but please don’t put the breakfast down the chute and make it go splatter on the floor.” Lacey shouts “yes”. Paula snaps, “Excuse me, one person thank you, lips are moving.” Lacey looks bemused. Paula carries on saying, “Please can you deliver it to them nicely as they deserve it. Thank you.” Her housemates cheer her.


In the cold basement, a cafeteria of hot coffee arrives. The men are overjoyed; they hug again and lay the table. Razor grins, “This is good!”

On the sofas, Heidi and Spencer are still getting to know their new housemates. Spencer asks, “So who are the names? Who is the girl from Steps?” Lacey offers to “teach” him and points to the housemates’ photos and names them. When she points to Sam’s photo she describes him as a “very handsome young lad”, the couple chuckle. She describes Paula as a wise woman, like the “tree in Pocahontas” and Razor’s photo as a “psycho killer”. Spencer thanks her for the introduction, he then quietly recites “Claire, Trish, Gillian” under his breath.


In the basement the first hot food in two days arrives. The four men are grateful and tuck into their breakfast.

Upstairs, Lacey is talking about Heidi and Spencer. “They are really sweet; I can’t get over how cute they are.” Gillian agrees, and thinks it’s nice how they renew their vows every year. Lacey asks, “Do you think there’s a love like that for everyone?” The soap star adds, “You’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince!” Lacey replies, “So true.”

Rylan, Paula and Heidi are in the garden. Rylan suggests to Heidi that she give him an American lesson and he will give her an Essex lesson. Heidi replies in a British accent, “OK darling. An elocution lesson.” They laugh. Rylan says it’s been the year of Britain, “We had the Jube…what was the Jubilee?” Paula explains that the Jubilee celebrates the Queen’s 60 year reign.

He continues to say that he thinks “William and Kate are the future of Britain”, Heidi agrees and says she “loves them”. Paula adds that Camilla and Charles have done so much.


In the basement, the housemates have been gorging themselves for 42 minutes. Razor admits he’s full up.

Upstairs, Heidi and Spencer are discussing nominations. “Rylan thinks there’s elimination tomorrow. So we came in on a Thursday, so that’s four days. That seems like the amount of time we’ll be on the show for!” tells Spencer. Heidi laughs. They say they can’t compete with the cast as their housemates all have so many British fans. “He (Rylan) was just on the X Factor!” Heidi announces, “I feel bad nominating him as there’s no way he’ll lose the public vote. These are all icons. They will nominate us as we didn’t do the task.”

All the other housemates are in the bedroom talking about children. Rylan asks Paula if she has ever had kids. She replies, “No, I’ve never met daddy material, I never met you darling! I met a lot of lovely men. I would take on someone else’s kids.” Rylan admits he would like kids and has been single for three years. “People look at me and think I’m cocky and confident. I never go up to people as I would be too embarrassed; people don’t come up to me.”


Big Brother has gathered all of the housemates. Lacey admits, “I’m scared!” Big Brother announces that the basement housemates have not showered, gone without booze and scavenged for food for 41 hours, while upstairs the other housemates have gorged on food, bathed in bubble baths and guzzled on champagne. Their ordeal may now be about to come to an end. Big Brother continues, “To leave behind the squalor of the basement and ascend to the comfort of the main house, you now have one minute to decide as a group, which one of you will sacrifice yourself and be the first to face the public vote.” Everyone is shocked. Ryan straightaway says he will do it. Sam and Razor think they both “may get kicked out” and that Frankie is “super popular”. Frankie states, “I’m in! I’m sure! 100%.” The group chooses Frankie as the first housemate to face the first eviction. Frankie feels, “A little bit scared, but hopefully the British audience will vote for me to stay in.” Housemates cheer him. Big Brother announces that all the basement housemates are now allowed to move to the main house, everyone is overjoyed and they join the main house.


The bedroom is now open for the housemates from the basement to each choose a bed. Lacey announces that she will share with Rylan. Razor jokes, “Listen girls, I know you all want to sleep with me but I’ve got a bird! I’m engaged!” Paula plays along and says she’s had “to keep her hands off of him as he’s engaged”. Tricia suggests why doesn’t Sam and Lacey share a bed, he smiles, “That’s a good idea!” Lacey laughs, “This is so embarrassing!”


Lacey is helping Sam unpack in the bedroom. She picks up a pair of his trousers, which are women’s size 14, “You may have some style!” Sam says that Jimi Hendrix influences his style. He shows Lacey his “kinky” leather kilt, and she jokes that she saw something like that in a bondage shop in Amsterdam.

Rylan and Paula are in the garden. Razor walks to the bathroom and announces to them, “I’m just going to shake hands with me wife’s wedding present!” She says what a lovely thing to say, it is a present. Rylan laughs. “It’s the most beautiful thing you can give a woman!” continues Paula. He says, “I like your way of thinking, I really do.”

Heidi and Lacey are having a heart to heart in the bedroom. Heidi tells her, “There’s’ such a great guy out there for you who will worship you.” Lacey replies, “I hope so…I might end up like Paula! I want kids.” Heidi doesn’t know if Spencer wants kids as he said he doesn’t want them. “My priority is my husband. If he doesn’t want kids, I will choose our love. Maybe I’m not meant to have kids; if I am it will clearly happen. For me, my mission in life is a mission of love. I’m a servant of love, I want to give everyone love.” Lacey replies, “That’s so nice, I want to be your friend!” Heidi says that she told Spencer, she and Lacey would be friends.


To help celebrate the housemates’ first night altogether, Big Brother throws them a party. They all cheer, music is pumped into the house and the housemates start to let their hair down to party. Rylan and Paula decide to dance provocatively in the garden, he announces, “Let’s have a pool party!”

Frankie tells Rylan and Razor, “It’s nice to see Heidi and Spencer involved.” They agree, and Razor and Rylan say they are playing the game and know what they are doing.


Paula and Tricia are talking in the kitchen. Paula tells Tricia, “I heard boos, you crazy b*tch as I came in! It was horrible” Tricia asks why. She replies, “Because the press have made out I’m a nutter. I’ve only learnt recently to grow a thicker skin.”

Rylan and Razor are in the garden, discussing how funny Paula is. Frankie joins them, and Razor passes wind. Rylan announces how he could really do with passing wind, and that he’s only done “sly, little ones”. Frankie and Rylan then pass wind, “Rylan’s farted!” They all laugh. Rylan continues to pass wind in a corner of the garden.


The party is hotting up and some of the housemates move outside to the hot tub.

In the bedroom, Rylan is undressing down to his boxer shorts. In the hot tub, Tricia asks how big Lacey’s boobs are. Lacey stands up and says, “28G, but I don’t think they are that big. They are real.” Gillian joins the ladies in the hot tub. Paula looks at Gillian, “Wow! Look at that figure! You look like a little girl!” Rylan gets into the hot tub.

In the living area, Heidi offers her housemates some alcohol. She announces, “I out drink most people!” Claire enters the living area. Frankie asks her if she’s alright as she looks sad. Heidi thanks her for being so great, and making the house “so much better”. Claire replies, “Don’t be so silly, don’t be nice to me!” Heidi says she is serious and that she can relate most to Claire’s life story, “Here’s to you for being an amazing human!” Claire thanks Heidi and they hug.

Claire joins the housemates in the hot tub; Paula leaves the garden to go inside. Tricia brands Paula as crazy and fantastic. Rylan adds, “She’s got a story about everything!” They laugh.

Razor then gets into the hot tub and Paula struts around the garden in a swimsuit, the housemates cheer her and shout, “Look at her body!” Paula starts dancing up against a wall. Rylan tells her, “You should have been a Bond girl like Pussy Galore!” Paula dives into the pool, her housemates are impressed.


Claire, Rylan, Tricia, Paula, Gillian and Lacey are in the hot tub. Claire is talking about singing, and gives Rylan some advice.

Paula announces she was in treatment in a rehab with “two men that were dead”, Lionel Bart and Leslie Crowther. Claire says, “They are dead now, not when they were in treatment.” They all laugh. Paula tries to continue her story, however the other housemates laugh over her.

All the other housemates are on the sofas. Spencer and Heidi tell Frankie, “If you’re going up against Spencer and Heidi, you’ll be fine!” Frankie says, “Who cares anyway. I survived a plane crash in 2000, so this is just a bit of fun.” Heidi replies, “I was pronounced dead by the doctors.” They agree it’s all a game. Frankie adds that he’s pleased to have met so many good friends, Heidi agrees.


In the bathroom, Paula is complementing Claire on her cooking. Claire said she’s happy to cook.

Sam and Lacey are getting ready for bed. She tells him, “Don’t go through my knicker draw!” He smiles.

Rylan is in the diary room. “It feels like Big Brother now! No separation and start living as one. Paula is just a character, I love to watch her. I think we’ve had an easy ride here for the past few days, I think it’s going to start getting tougher.”

Back in the bathroom, Paula is telling Claire that she can cook. Claire suggests that she takes over the cooking. The supermodel continues to say that she’s been dear friends with Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay for 27 years. Claire responds, “Really? That’s amazing.”