Celebrity Big Brother: Day 7

CBB JAN 2013 DAY 7

Day 7 in the Celebrity Big Brother house..

It’s the first eviction day and tonight either Frankie, Heidi and Spencer or Paula will leave the Big Brother House.
Paula is enjoying a snack in the sun and comments, “You know what clouds are? God’s thoughts.”
Rylan is called to the diary room. Big Brother sets him a secret mission, he has one hour to complete his mission. In this hour he has to cry tears of sympathy for each of the nominated housemates. He accepts, “OK…If I don’t get Cathy Beale’s long last son’s part in Eastenders after this, I will not be pleased!” He leaves the diary room.

Rylan goes straight to speak to Heidi and Spencer in the bedroom. “I feel really funny today, I feel like I pre-judged you both before I even met you. I feel terrible.” Heidi says it’s, “OK, everybody does”. Rylan starts to cry and the couple comfort him.
The singer’s next target is Frankie. “O Frankie boy, I hope you don’t go.” Rylan starts to cry and Frankie hugs him and puts Rylan’s sunglasses on for him to cover up his tears.

Rylan goes to find Paula and starts to get upset. Paula takes pity, “Baby, now listen to me if you’re allowed to hug me then I’m allowed to hug you, come on sausage.” They hug and Rylan turns on the water works. “I feel terrible that someone is going, I feel so emotional.” Paula replies, “Its fine, I‘d hate to think you are a robot.”
Big Brother tells Rylan that he has passed, winning flowers and a box of doughnuts for the three housemates facing eviction.

Big Brother announces that Heidi and Spencer, Paula and Frankie can now collect their suitcases and pack in preparation for tonight’s eviction. Rylan helps collect the suitcases. Lacey comments, “Gosh, I just think of myself going out now, how weird it’s going to be.”

Gillian and Sam both comment that it’s now the start of the game.
Spencer tells Heidi he will have a freak out they stay and Frankie leaves. Heidi said she will start crying and hopes Frankie stays.
Frankie tells Big Brother that he loves his housemates and the experience and is not ready to leave. Paula speaks to Big Brother, “I don’t wait for life to happen, I make life happen. I came on the show to prove to people that I’m not mad. It’s been one of my most memorable in my life.”

Spencer and Heidi tells Big Brother that they think they will be saved by the public vote and will continue to get nominated – perfect 10s – and the public will continue to save us up until the finals.

Over dinner, Heidi announces to everyone, “If this is our last night, I really want to say without all of you we would have left. You guys have been so unbelievable, such a big family. I have such a big spot in my heart for you.” Frankie stands up and announces, “I’m the Same! I’ve had a lovely time.” Paula tells her housemates, “I’m not an easy person to live with but I want to say thank you to everybody for being so fantastic. I really thought I was going to come into a bunch of plastic people with no personalities; you are all real and beautiful. Thank you for making my time here really really special.” Rylan and the housemates toast Paula.

It’s time for the first eviction; all housemates are gathered in the sofas. Brian Dowling announces that Paula is the first housemate to be evicted; she says her goodbyes and leaves to a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd outside. Rylan tells Big Brother that Paula is like ‘your crazy aunt’, is lovely and her heart is in the right place.

With Paula gone, Ryan’s thoughts turn to the next eviction. “This is going to be interesting now because the guaranteed one to go out has gone; now it’s all like ‘rah’ and now you got to find stupid reasons to nominate.”

Heidi and Spencer are called to the diary room. Big Brother sets them a secret walk-out mission where they must convince their fellow housemates that they can’t live with them as they all nominated them. The couple cheer! Big Brother tells them that they must tell them that they are leaving, then they will go to the newly pimped-out basement for 24 hours, and watch the housemates via a screen where they are able to influence actions in the house. The couple cheer again! “God save the Queen!” As a reward for successfully completing their secret mission, they will miss the next set of nominations and avoid the next public vote; in addition the whole house will be rewarded. The couple leave the diary room and return to the house.

Spencer and Heidi announce to their housemates that they wanted to leave, and ‘can’t do this anymore’. Spencer says, “Seven days is a stretch; snoring the bathroom smell, I am freaking out.” Heidi adds, “It hurt my feelings when everyone voted for us.” Rylan speaks up, “From my point of view, I think most people’s point of view; you got our ‘easy way out’ vote as we didn’t see you. We had to do that.”
Heidi says she wants to go home and some things just aren’t worth money. Spencer thinks, “Paula is so much more entertaining than us! Why did she leave?!”
Tricia comments, “Don’t worry about it, are you going tonight?” Heidi nods. “It’s hard to leave with people after you’ve been nominated. I don’t want to live with you guys.” Lacey said, “I want Heidi to stay but I know Spencer wants to go. I want you to stay; it’s not the fact that we hate you.”
Spencer shouts at Big Brother to open the diary room door. Rylan whispers to Razor, “There’s something going on here.” Suspicions run high about whether or not they are actually going to go.

Heidi and Spencer are still waiting to leave.

Rylan tells the females in the bedroom that he thinks something is going on. Tricia believes that Heidi and Spencer have been shown a montage of who nominated them and what they said. Claire comments that Spencer’s mood suddenly changed.

Heidi and Spencer tell their housemates that they don’t need to be on TV. Heidi adds that she thinks the tasks are inappropriate and her parent’s begged her not to do the show. Rylan agrees that they should go.

Heidi gets upset, “I’m sick of this whole house and wearing a mic all the time.” Big Brother then opens the diary room door for the couple to leave to go to the basement. On leaving, Heidi tells her housemates, “Don’t take this game too seriously.” Razor said he tried to call their bluff to see if it was real.

Spencer and Heidi are in the diary room. They are excited about their secret mission and are told to go to the basement ‘silently’. The couple are over the moon to find the basement kitted out for an American flag, double bed and photos of their puppies.
The couple tuck into pizza and secrtley watch and listen to their housemates.

Back in the main house, housemates are talking about Spencer and Heidi. Claire remarks that she has seen the couple go to kiss twice but not actually touch lips.
Tricia and Rylan are in the diary room. Big Brother asks them how surprised were they about Heidi and Spencer wanting to leave. Rylan replies sarcastically, “I’m more surprised than Cilla bringing someone over from Australia that I haven’t seen in 17 years!” Tricia adds, “I wasn’t surprised, I thought they were going to go first and they were geared up that they were going. That’s why they have turned.”

Sam and Ryan are talking outside. Sam thinks that Paula is an eccentric and Heidi and Spencer behaviour are bizarre. Ryan adds, “They have a negative view of the world that everyone is out to get them.” Sam says he feels sorry for them and their lives sound ‘hideous’. Ryan continues, “They are makers of their own.” Sam agrees with him however adds that the couple always asked about his life and that he thinks they are nice. Spencer and Heidi listen in and both agree that they love Sam.

Spencer and Heidi are enjoying themselves in the basement.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas for another Big Brother bombshell. They are told that it’s face-to-face nominations. The housemates groan, Spencer and Heidi cheer! Housemates are each given an envelope of housemate’s photos and must now nominate two housemates each. Tricia moans, “I think Big Brother is really mean, it’s bad enough doing it in the diary room let alone against each other.” Heidi tells Spencer thank god they voted for us to stay.

Ryan is up first and nominates Sam because he does the least around the house, “He’s a young fella and needs prompting to doing stuff, that’s why I’m voting for him.” Sam looks bemused and Heidi and Spencer boo from the basement, “Toad Face, Toad Jerk!” laughs Heidi. His second nomination is Rylan, the group laugh, as he doesn’t do a lot of cleaning; he does a lot of people’s hair. The basement couple announce that they will never speak to Ryan again.

Razor nominates Lacy, as she doesn’t participate in their singing games. Heidi tells Spencer, “I heard him (Razor) talk sh*t about us. I’m done with him.” He also nominates Sam, “I love you also but you also don’t participate in the singing games.”
Heidi adds Sam should win.

Tricia is up next and nominates Sam as he sleeps a lot and doesn’t really get involved in tasks. Sam looks confused. Heidi says, “I’m done with these people.

Sam better stay here, he’s the nicest person in the house. I vote Ryan and Razor out.” Spencer agrees. The actress then nominates Razor because his snoring is ‘really getting’ her down. The group laugh.

Sam then nominates Claire as she takes over the kitchen and he would like the ‘chance to shine’ in the kitchen. Tricia is his next nomination, he says she is the housemate who is getting most effected by Big Brother’s mind games.

Lacey is next to nominate and picks Razor because of his snoring, and then nominates Ryan as sometimes she doesn’t know what to say to him which makes her feel uncomfortable. Spencer calls out, “Shut up Toad Man!”

Rylan nominates Sam, “I’m really sorry Sam, I have connected with other housemates more than I have with you. I genuinely do hope I get to know you and I’m just gutted you are straight!” The group laugh. Rylan’s second choice is Ryan as he focuses on tasks more then getting to know people.
Claire stands to nominate Sam as he sleeps a lot during the day and is perhaps not getting involved in the general running of the house. The basement couple boo, “Sam is the best cast member of the whole house, him and Lacey. He just doesn’t kiss their ass!” Claire is tearful when she announces her second nomination, Ryan. Ryan then looks like he’s about to cry. Claire says, “Even when the gym wasn’t open, you were exercising, something from my past, seeing someone do that brings back really bad memories from my past and makes me feel bad about myself.”

Spencer announces, “I want her (Claire), Ryan and Razor out. Not Sam.”

Gillian nominates Sam as he sleeps too much, then Ryan as he takes over in the gym and has a washing line in the house which makes the house untidy. Ryan claps.
Finally, Frankie chooses Ryan as he drives him mad as he pumps iron all the time. His second nomination is Razor because of his snoring. The group laugh. The basement couple agree that they love Frankie.

Big Brother announces that Ryan and Sam are next up for eviction, they hug. Gillian says, “Sorry guys, we’ll be joining you soon.”

Spencer and Heidi say they are sick of Ryan, and he will go as girls with keep Sam in. “Big Brother is genius!”

Ryan goes to the diary room and tells Big Brother, “I’m not surprised at all.”

Sam and Lacey are in the hot tub. Sam says, “I don’t know whether it would be a good time to leave on Friday or whether I should try and stay longer.” Lacey tells him to stay positive as he may not go. Sam adds, “I’m happy with either or, genuinely am. If I’m sounding negative I’m not meaning to be. I’m just thinking both sides…but I do want to stay to the final.”

Heidi and Spencer tell Big Brother about what they’ve seen. Spencer says, “Claire is so fake. Ryan should shut his Toad Fish mouth! He’s an insecure person trying to stay skinny now as he was once obese.”
Heidi adds, “These people are just so jealous accept for Gillian. Gillian is my number one favourite. Now we know her we won’t vote for her. They are all actresses, playing the game…but guess what, we are reality stars, we are real so we don’t play this whole fake game. We got this game. You just got to be real.”


Sam is in the diary room. “I got an absolute whipping! The only surprise for me were Razor and Ryan, I thought we bonded in the bunker but this is Big Brother. I was disappointed that Ryan nominated me over other housemates I was a bit p*ssed off. His reasons were just a bit sh*t. I accept his decision. We will see what happens.”

Spencer tells Heidi, “This is the best fun I’ve ever had on a reality show right now.” Heidi agrees, “Fake pieces of cr*p.”

In the bedroom, Tricia announces, “They (Heidi and Spencer) should have stayed. I’m upset they walked.” Frankie remarks that they live in a different world. Claire adds, “God forbid they ever have children, they wouldn’t be able to change a nappy.” Heidi listens and remarks they are ‘such w*nkers’.
Rylan says about Heidi, “I’ve never met anyone that when you go to kiss them, they pull away.” The group agree. Claire doesn’t understand why they signed up for this show, and that no one can be that naïve. Some of the housemates feel relieved that the couple have gone.
Spencer and Heidi continue to listen to this conversation in silence; Spencer puts his middle finger up to the camera.