Celebrity Big Brother: Day 9

Day 9 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…


Tonight either Sam or Ryan will be the second housemate to be evicted. The celebrity housemates are sleeping soundly, entirely unaware that they are being spied on by Speidi. For the past 39 hours, Spencer and Heidi have been hiding in Big Brother’s basement watching their housemates every move.

While the rest of the housemates slumber, Heidi and Spencer are having a secret shower, making sure they leave no evidence behind. On returning the basement and noticing the screen Spencer quips, “Hey, my favourite show on telly has already started.” He telephones Big Brother and asks for the alarm to be played into the house, “I don’t think they know what a big day they have ahead of them, they look just a little too cosy for the special day we have planned.” The alarm plays into the house and Spencer cheers.

Ryan is in the kitchen sweeping and comments to himself that the broom is “annoyingly short.” “Perfect for an annoying person,” Spencer remarks while watching from the basement. “You’re lucky that anyone wants to put your frog face on TV,” Heidi adds. “Toad,” Spencer corrects her.


Frankie is preparing lunch. Some of the housemates are working out in the gym. Ryan is lifting weights and making noises of exertion. “He’s acting like its 700 pounds!” Spencer exclaims while Heidi states that she lifts the same weight as Ryan. In the gym, Lacey is on the stationary bike and tells the housemates that she thinks she is getting a rash as she is not used to so much exercise. In the basement, Heidi comments that the rash may be because, “She’s worn that same sports bra everyday working out, that’s disgusting.” Big Brother shows a close up of Lacey, “She’s a model,” Spencer adds sarcastically.

Sam has come to talk to Big Brother ahead of tonight’s eviction. He says that he’s feeling alright about tonight’s events. “I’m gonna enjoy today, treat it as thought it’s my last day, if it is, I just hope I don’t get booed.” Big Brother asks how it feels to be going up against Ryan and Sam says that he was “quite stunned” that Ryan had nominated him in the first place. “It was the first time that I didn’t want to be around him. I wouldn’t say he hurt me but he definitely took me by surprise, I thought I earned his trust and his respect but having felt slightly betrayed on Wednesday night I think I’d be happy for him to go now.” Sam smiles adding, “He stabbed me in the back, so it shall be his comeuppance.”

Big Brother has called Spencer and Heidi to the basement diary room to explain their next task. Big Brother explains the couple must choose five housemates to take part in the Tell It Like it Is task where the chosen housemates must reveal some brutal home truths to each other. Not only this, but they will also write the sentences the housemates will have to complete. It is also Heidi and Spencer who will decide who is the winner.

Holding up images of the five housemates Heidi begins: “We have little Claire from Steps, a band that doesn’t exist anymore, we have Razor who needs to get a life, we have little liar Lucy, La La or whatever her name is.” Spencer continues, “We have Mr Poser, no pun intended and we have little Miss ‘I think I’m perfect and I can talk about other people when they’re gone and pretend I’m sweet to their face,’ Miss Two-Faced.

The chosen housemates are called to the igloo and race inside seeming excited. “They think this seasons boring, they’ve got no idea, they’re just extras,” quips Heidi from the basement diary room. In the igloo, Claire encourages housemates to complete the task adding, “They’ll give us something nice if we do well.” They have no idea that Spencer and Heidi are watching from the basement and are behind it all. Rylan is first up and his question is for Razor. “Be honest Rylan for once,” Spencer begs. “If I could change one thing about you Razor, it would be that you weren’t so quick witted cos it makes me look less quick witted,” Rylan tells him. Heidi and Spencer are disappointed and say that his comment was more of a compliment. Tricia is up next and has to comment on the most “two faced thing” Rylan has done. “You did slag off Heidi and Spencer but actually, were all over them when they came in, in the pool with them, by yet you were slating them” she says. Rylan nods in agreement. “She’s gonna win,” Spencer and Heidi smile, pleased with Tricia’s honesty. Heidi adds, “She’s actually the least two-faced.”

Tricia is up next and tells Rylan that his worse personality trait is that he never “shuts up.” “People will boo you when you leave the Big Brother house,” Claire reads to Tricia. She ponders for a short while then ends: “Because they saw you put on Heidi’s shoes as soon as she left and basically kinda jump in her grave.” Heidi is shocked and tells Spencer: “She put my shoes on, good to know, I can’t believe that.” Next up is Razor who tells Claire that the worst physical feature she has is a tattoo on her foot. “I think it’s really a bad image to show children and I don’t like tattoos shown to young children especially mums. This gets a round of applause from the basement dwellers. Rylan has to tell Tricia what he most dislikes about her. “I reckon if we had more drink you could turn (into) a horrible drunk.” Tricia is bemused adding: “That’s not nice, ooooh bring it on now kidda,” she jokes. “This is a s**t game,” Rylan claims feigning tears. “It started out as fun now it feels horrible,” Claire remarks. Spencer and Heidi laugh at the spectacle in the igloo as housemates suddenly feel deflated.

Some of the housemates are relaxing in the hot tub. Razor’s intuition is working overtime. “The Americans could be in here, they could be in a big f**king game.” Gillian adds, “It could be two going out and two coming back in.” Razor laughs, “That would put the cat amongst the pigeons wouldn’t it?” In the basement Spencer tells Heidi, “He knows.” “That would be a good f**king twist Big Bro?” Razor continues while the housemates disagree. He points to the basement entrance, “The Americans are living in there, in luxury,” he adds and some of the housemates look worried.

Heidi and Spencer are watching on as Sam and Ryan prepare for their eviction. They speculate about who will leave and Heidi thinks it will be Sam, although they were both like it to be Ryan. “But I’ve been wrong the whole time,” Heidi adds. Housemates are gathered on the sofas in preparation for tonight’s eviction. Throughout the evening Ryan and Sam have visited the diary room in turn. Ryan tells Big Brother, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.” Sam admitted, “I’m ready to go, I’ve had my experience, but I’d be chuffed to stay, it’s been an interesting experience.” Sam is the second housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

It’s been 6 minutes since Sam was evicted from the Big Brother house. Some of the housemates think that Sam’s departure this evening was too early, “Something’s definitely happening,” Gillian worries. Housemates have been gathered on the sofas. “Told you,” Frankie says as they all take their seats. What the housemates don’t know is that Heidi and Spencer have left the basement and are talking to Big Brother in the diary room. “I cannot wait to see their little two-faced faces,” Heidi smiles. “I think some shaking up need to be done so that’s what we’re here for,” smiles Spencer. He tells Big Brother, “No more Mr Nice Guy; that is an awful group of people in there, now we know how we really should be acting with them.”

On the screen in the living area, Big Brother reveals to the house what Heidi and Spencer have been up too. When they hear that the couple were on a secret mission and they watch footage of Heidi and Spencer’s staged walk-out Claire shouts: “I knew that wasn’t real!” The other housemates cheer and clap as they watch their antics on screen. At the end of the footage Big Brother shows the couple in the diary room and reveals that they will return to the house following the final part of their task. They must choose which two housemates they think are the “dullest reality TV stars,” the two people that are picked will automatically face the public vote. Heidi chooses Claire, “The dullest and least interesting housemate,” while Spencer adds: “And I choose Rylan, cos all he does all day is play his Big Brother character and stare up at the cameras and walk around the house in his booty shorts.” In the living area Rylan comments: “Right, let’s have it on.” Housemates are unaware of another twist, they will all nominate on Sunday and therefore, Claire and Rylan will not be the only housemates to face the public vote.

Rylan is angry and repeats Spencer’s reason for nominating him: “Playing up to the cameras, that is b*****ks mate, wait until you walk in, f**k off back to America.” Some of the housemates look worried.

Heidi and Spencer return to the house and the housemates cheer and applaud them. The housemates shake the couple’s hands and Heidi says, “We knew you were faking,” Lacey tells them. “Yeah right,” Heidi responds. “You guys were fun to watch,” Heidi starts as Rylan butts in and ask Spencer, “Do you think I’m playing up to the cameras?” “100 percent,” Spencer replies. “Then you need to get f**king glasses mate, I’m not playing up to one f**king camera,” quips Rylan as they move into the kitchen. “You’re fake, you’re fake, you know it, all that BS ‘I misjudged you,’” Spencer shouts repeating a comments that Rylan previously made to them. Rylan continues to ask why they feel he is playing up to the cameras. “You can’t be a normal person, this is an act,” Spencer tells him. “I am a normal person mate, I live in the f**king real world, I don’t know where the f**k you live, if you think I’m being false then don’t talk to me, I live in the real world, not this fake f**king world!” Rylan yells. Away from the argument, Claire tells Ryan that she is not getting involved: “I’m just thinking what the hell have I said.”

In the kitchen, Spencer impersonates Rylan, peering into the mirrors and making high pitched noises, “You’re so obsessed with this house you’re not even being real,” Heidi tells him, “Isn’t this just a game?” she adds. Rylan tells her that it is “and you’re playing it very well, I applaud you but don’t put me up for a reason that is so out of line.” The argument gets more heated and Spencer asks why Rylan is “getting so emotional.” “Being fake and dishonest is something I’ve never f**king been,” Rylan states. Lacey and Claire have retreated to the bedroom. Lacey says that she knew what would happen, “That’s why I’ve tried not to say much cos I thought, this is gonna be dodge (sic).” Claire reveals that she knew something wasn’t right when Spencer and Heidi returned from the diary room following Paula’s eviction, “I should have known better,” she scolds.

Razor, Frankie, Lacey and Ryan are in the garden. Razor tells them that that half the comments made about Spencer and Heidi were not “cutting,” adding: “It was in jest.
Rylan is still talking to Heidi and Spencer in the living area and is getting teary. “I don’t class myself as a celebrity, I don’t even watch your show but I’m like, oh my God” he tells them adding: “This is all brand new to me.” Rylan tells them that he hasn’t had time to stop and think about things and is overwhelmed to be in the house with the calibre of people, “I don’t class myself as a celebrity,” he adds. Rylan apologies for “anything bad” he has said about them and says that he would expect them to do the same if they bad mouthed him. Heidi replies: “We wouldn’t, I’m not like that,” and they both claim that they had not said anything bad about him. Rylan gets more upset and says that if he’s coming across as fake, “That’s not the sort of person I am.”

Claire tells Heidi and Spencer that she “doesn’t want to get into a big thing,” but would like to apologies for anything bad she has said about either of them. “I never meant anything maliciously, I just got caught up in..,” “Judging people,” Spencer finishes. Claire adds: “The conversation and yeah, judging people.” Spencer asks her, “So would you rather have us making out, having sex on TV, we don’t do it cos it would be inappropriate.” Ryan asks if that is the reason they haven’t kissed in the house. “We’re not kissing because we’re respectful of everyone who doesn’t have a husband or girlfriend in this house, we’re just two people just like you so we shouldn’t be the ones who get to have this extra intimate experience when you guys don’t,” he rants. “So you guys do kiss each other?” Ryan quips. “I don’t even need to answer you on that, that’s not even funny,” replies Spencer. Ryan says that he was only making light of the situation, “I’m only s**ting you mate, relax.” Spencer gets angry and he and Heidi says they have had to much joking at their expense, “lets not talk s**t for no reason,” he adds and tells Ryan that if that is the case. He mimics Ryan saying, “Do you kiss mate,” and Ryan says that he was trying to “lighten the moment.” “You should mind your business and we’ll mind ours,” Heidi adds and Spencer tells Ryan that he should have been the evicted instead of Sam.

Razor is sitting on the sofa and sensing the mood change he tells Spencer not to get nasty, “Cause if you wanna get nasty, I could be the horriblist (sic) c**t to you in the world.” Spencer continues to rant and Razor shouts “Whoa, don’t get nasty,” and repeats. “Excuse me?” Spencer asks as Heidi worries repeating: “Let’s get security in here.” Rylan stands in front of Razor as Razor shouts for Spencer to “stop bullying people.” Spencer looks confused and asks who he is supposed to have bullied. Razor says that Spencer had bullied Claire and Ryan as Rylan leads him outside to calm down.

Outside, Rylan tells Razor that he shouldn’t have risen to Spencer’s comments but Razor says that how Heidi and Spencer reacted to Ryan made him angry, “I’m just looking after people.” In the living area Ryan explains to Spencer that he wasn’t being disrespectful and that they misinterpreted his attempt to lighten things. He claims that Razor kicked off, “Because I was giving my opinion and you had a go at me (for it).” Heidi tells him that being couped in the basement for 48 hours having to listen to housemates badmouthing them has taken its toll, and says that some of the housemates had “crossed the line.”

In the garden Rylan reminds Razor that he should keep calm, “remember where we are.” Razor tells Rylan that he hates bullies adding: “Why was he doing that to poor Ryan? “ Rylan asks Razor what will happen is Spencer continues and Razor says that he won’t, “He s**t himself, you should have seen his eyes,” he quips.
They return to the house and Gillian tells them that Ryan and Spencer have made peace as Razor apologies to Spencer. Big Brother calls Razor to the diary room.

In the diary room, Razor tells Big Brother that he is sorry for his outburst, Big Brother reminds Razor that “unacceptable shouting will not be tolerated” and asks Razor not to raised his voice “in such a way again,” but deal with things in a “calm and controlled way.” Razor tells Big Brother, “It’s out of the way, I think everyone knows what person I could be, which I’m really not, but I apologies for my outburst and it will never happen again. My mum will be shocked,” he says.

Claire and Tricia are talking in the bedroom toilet. Claire is crying and tells Tricia that she doesn’t stand a chance against Rylan and says that she will be “going home.” “There is now way that I will stay against him, I’m gonna get booed, I can’t handle it. Claire says that she is now going to feel awkward around the couple. She tells Tricia that at the end of the day, “When we leave, I’ll never see them again, and I don’t give a f**k to be honest.”

Ryan joins Spencer and Heidi and again mentions that he only ever wants to “lighten the mood so please don’t take offence at anything I do say.” The couple are initially frosty then agree to put any bad feeling behind them. Spencer adds: “It’s all good, it’s just a social experiment, you and I could have finished it but it was Razor who took it to another level.”

Rylan has come to the diary room. He tells Big Brother that he is “very embarrassed about my reaction.” He says that Spencer and Heidi’s reasoning for his nomination made him “see red.” He adds: “No I’m starting to doubt myself but I know in my heart what I’ve done, I don’t think I’ve done anything worse than anyone else in this house,” he admits. Rylan says that feels the couple have singled him out and that he heard boos his name was announced during the nomination. “I feels so at home in here, and I’ve just been being myself, I thought I knew this show inside out.” Rylan leaves the diary room and heads to the garden.

It’s been almost two house since Spencer and Heidi returned to the house and put Claire and Rylan up for eviction. In the bedroom Claire tells Lacey that what she said about Heidi was “spur of the moment.” She adds: “I say that about people who like partying, ‘God forbid you have kids,’ I don’t actually wish them to not have kids.”

In the smoking area, Rylan tells Razor that he feels a bit upset that nobody stuck up for him earlier on, “Like you did for Ryan.”

Heidi and Spencer have come to the diary room and stand while telling Big Brother that they “concerned about our safety,” and demand to see an executive Producer. “When someone that dangerous is allowed to get that close to my wife and I and you didn’t protect us, this isn’t a scene.” Big Brother reassures them that security was in place. Spencer adds: “I need to speak to someone face to face,” then quips, “I literally saw my life flash before my eyes.”

Spencer and Heidi are in the diary room and Big Brother reminds them that “the safety of housemates is paramount and that the situation will be dealt with.” Big Brother asks them to return to the basement “for the time being.”

Most of the housemate are in the bedroom discussing tonight’s events. Rylan says that everything he said about the couple was “more in jest,” so has no regrets. “At least I stuck up for myself,” he says that he doesn’t think he can forgive and forget, “I don’t trust them.” Claire wishes she had kept her mouth shut.

Heidi and Spencer are back in the basement seeming very happy, “We made it, home sweet home, we’re alive,” they beam. “That was so intense, I thought it would be but that was so intense,” remarks Heidi. Spencer says that he never realised they would return that way, “I thought we were gonna walk up behind them and surprise them. I just hope they add more people onto that nomination.”

Whilst most housemates sleep, Heidi and Spencer prepare to bed down in the basement. Razor has been called to the diary room. Big Brother tells him that after reviewing the footage from earlier that evening, Razor acted in away that Big Brother deems to be “entirely unacceptable.” “Threatening and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Big Brother is giving you a formal warning, any repetition of this behaviour may lead to your removal from the house.” Razor apologies and assured Big Brother that this will not happen again.

In the basement Heidi comments: “I’ve never wanted to win something so badly,” “I feel like this is the world cup,” adds Spencer. “And for the championship, USA,” chants Heidi.