Katy Perry explores in disguise

If Katy Perry wants to explore a new city, she simply adopts a disguise.

It can be hard to sight-see like regular folk when you’re one of the most famous women in the world, so Katy rectifies this by donning a disguise when she doesn’t want to be recognised cycling around.

“Constantly travelling can make it hard to exercise, but my favorite workout to do on tour is to ride around the town or city I’m visiting on my bike. I love to explore a new city in disguise and hand out tickets to my show,” she said.

The singer also likes to go hiking, as well as taking spin classes.

“I try to exercise three to four times a week and, on days when I’m not working, I do a really fun activity, like hiking. I also love soul cycling, which is a spin class with high energy coaching and fun, upbeat music,” she added.