Nicki Minaj: Flash me to impress me

Want to impress American Idol judge Nicki Minaj?

The singer says if you want to make an impression, simply flash her during your audition – that will make her remember you.

“The best thing a contestant can do to impress me is flash me,” Nicki said. “That would make me remember a person. One boy in particular took off his shirt and was trying to be all sexy.

“I dealt with a little bit of a dysfunctional household and my inspiration was if I can just make it out of this, I could help my family and that was my driving force and I’ve said it for my entire career, but it’s the truth.

“Sometimes, if you attach your dreams to something bigger than you it’s like it’s impossible for you to ever stop, so my thing was always I’ve got to get my family out of this kind of life and at times when I thought about giving up, that’s what kept me going.”