Adam Lambert, McFly, Jonas Brothers – Stars cover Rihanna songs

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so if everyone wants to cover your tunes you must be doing something right.

We’ve noticed recently that everyone wants a bit of the Rihanna action, busting out cover versions of her hits – some good, some bad and some ugly.

We’re focusing on the good. Check out some of our favourite Rihanna covers of all time.

Adam Lambert recently covered Stay during a gig in Seoul, Korea. We love Adam’s voice, it works really well with this song (see above video).

Adam isn’t the only one to have a go at Stay – bizarrely (but adorably) a video of Vin Diesel has hit the net, with the action star singing the track all serious and with his eyes closed and stuff. According to People, he recorded the video as a Valentine‚Äôs Day gift for his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez, which instantly makes it cute and not cringey.

Going back in time, we have McFly and their cover of Rihanna’s hit Umbrella – a treat which they broke out on tour for their fans.

More recently, the Jonas Brothers (who are no stranger to a good cover, they were all over Busted’s stuff) performed a cover of Diamonds while on tour. They stayed true to the original, putting that JB spin on things.

The Jonas Brothers aren’t the only ones to have a go at Diamonds, Flecking favourites The Boston Plan have recorded a cover of the track, putting their own unique funky twist on it, which we love.

Coldplay had a crack at We Found Love for Radio One…

And now for something a little different, Walk Off The Earth recorded an awesome cover of Man Down.

And for something really different, Mike Tompkins has recorded a cover of Only Girl In The World, using only his mouth – that’s for the vocals, and the instruments.

Leave us a comment letting us know your favourite, and if we’ve missed any awesome covers.