Harry Judd reckons Tom Fletcher faked wedding speech video to be a viral hit


Harry Judd has joked that his McFly bandmate Tom Fletcher staged the video of him giving a speech at his wedding.

Speaking to Now, Tom claims he sang his speech at his wedding to Giovanna Falcone because it made him cringe when he read it back, but Harry had other ideas.

“I couldn’t even read it out to myself without cringing. We were on tour and I had a piano in my hotel room, to help me write, so I thought, ‘I wonder if I could sing it?'”

It was bad timing though, because Tom put the video online the day before Harry’s wedding photos (he married Izzy Johnston last year) were published.

“He did steal my thunder,” Harry joked.

“I will upload my wedding dance when you do your divorce shoot! No, they were both very special weddings.”

Of course, Harry wasn’t really angry.

“Storm in a teacup, that was,” he told Digital Spy when asked about his supposed anger over Tom’s speech.

“It wasn’t even a real wedding. She was an actress. Tom just wanted to be a YouTube star.”

Tom also explained his reasoning behind putting the video online.

“We wanted to put some stuff up on Facebook to share, but if you put stuff on Facebook it only gets hacked and ends up on YouTube anyway,” he explained.

“I only put it up to share with friends and family who couldn’t be there.”