The Walking Dead Season 3 is back!

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC / © TWD productions LLC Courtesy of AMC

The second half of The Walking Dead Season 3 has kicked off in the UK, and… wow!

It’s a show that never fails to shock, terrify and surprise, never allowing the tension to let up, not even for a second. After two months (is that all it was? It felt much longer) without it – after that epic mid-season finale – we’ve been desperately waiting for episode nine to air.

The Suicide King picked up where episode eight left off, moving on events enough to satisfy us, but not so much that we’re not¬†absolutely¬†desperate for episode ten.

Cast members Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun and Scott Wilson put in amazing performances, as well as young actor Chandler Riggs who never fails to amaze us.

In the interest of keeping this article spoiler free, that’s all we’re saying.

Tune into FOX HD (Sky channel 124), Fridays at 10pm. Catch a repeat of episode nine on Sunday at 9pm, and Wednesday at 9pm.