Did Selena Gomez love making fun of Justin Bieber?

A report has claimed that Selena Gomez took real joy from making fun of Justin Bieber recently.

The singer/actress poked fun at her ex on The Late Show, joking about making J-Biebs cry.

“Selena loved dissing Justin during Letterman,” a source said, reports Hollywoodlife.com.

“She feels great these days, because she looks hot, and has a hot new movie Spring Breakers out, and she has had great success with the The Wizards Return. Everyone is rallying around her.

“Selena finally feels like she has become more successful than Justin, who is going through a tough time lately.

“Meanwhile, Justin is turning into Lindsay Lohan, what with all the partying and him canceling his concert. She feels that he has become less popular, and she’s just turning into a bad b*tch with world wide fans. She feels like she is on top of the world because she is.”