Adam Lambert is in good spirits post-break-up

It’s always sad to see a relationship come to an end, but other celebrities could learn a thing or two from Adam Lambert.

The sexy singer and Sauli Koskinen have sadly decided that their relationship has run its course, so what’s the next step? Slagging each other off all over the media/internet and posting cryptic/bitch tweets that we all know the meaning of? Nope.

When Adam confirmed the split he assured fans the break-up was no one’s fault, and was adamant they would remain friends.

Well, to quash any rumours of trouble, and to prove exactly that, Adam tweeted a photo of him playfully strangling his ex.

It’s never nice to see a break-up, but it’s refreshing to see two adults handle thing is such a classy way.

We wish the both all the best for the future – whatever it may bring.

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