Pink tells angry fans to kiss her ass

Pink has hit back at fans who sent her nasty messages for cancelling a show in Birmingham last month.

The 33-year-old singer was too ill to perform – but that wasn’t good enough for some fans.

“I go on stage and pour my f*cking heart and body out on that stage. I ruin my body and my vocal chords, make myself sicker, come hell or high water,” Pink posted on her website.

“I don’t lip sync, I don’t rely on dancers to do my work for me. I try to put the best show on that I can, that any human being can, and I don’t stop until I know you’re happy.

“You know what I’ve been performing through the last week? ROTA virus. Look it up. I challenge any one of you to do what I do while sick with that. You couldn’t do it.

“The next time I schedule dates- ill have to say to myself- ‘if, God forbid I have to cancel one show, those fans will turn on me like rabid dogs and question the moral fabric of my character,’

“For the loyal and understanding fans- I am so so sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way. For the rest of you- Kindly kiss my entire almost back to healthy ass.”