Big Brother: Day 4

Here are highlights from Day 4 in the Big Brother house. You can check out the full show at 9pm on Channel 5.

• Following a frosty start in the house with Gina, Sallie tells Big Brother that she doesn’t mind being around her.

• Dan finds out more from Sam about his hearing and tells him to explain his disability to their fellow housemates.

• Jackie gathers housemates in the garden and teaches them to an energetic dance routine to ‘Moves like Jagger.’

• Michael tries to squeeze in his questions from viewers to some of the housemates and some of the housemates grow suspicious of him after Big Brother calls Michael to the diary room, yet again.

• Gina takes offence at Jemima’s conversation and their subsequent argument engulfs the house.

• Sallie and other housemates listen as Gina explains her reasons for questioning Jemima over the comment.

• Big Brother calls Jemima to the diary room and issues a formal warning to her for her earlier comments.

• Jackie spills the beans to Michael at the dinner concerning nominations as housemates sit in stunned silent as a result; Michael is a very happy bunny in the diary room.