Iwan Rheon Interview

In his “day-job” as an actor, Iwan Rheon is currently wowing audiences in both Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic and ITV comedy Vicious… two shows that couldn’t be more different.

As if that isn’t testament enough to Iwan’s talents, he’s also doing great things as a musician and will soon be releasing a four-track EP titled Bang Bang!.

In these four stripped-back songs, the 27-year-old echoes the plaintive melancholy of Nick Drake and the searching wistfulness of classic Noel Gallagher on those immortal Oasis B-sides. Lyrically, these are absorbingly intimate paeans, to lost love and vulnerability, delivered in Rheon’s clear, characterful vocals, infused with his Welsh roots.

Hello Iwan, how are you?
I’m very well thank you.

On Monday we flicked over from watching you make us laugh in ITV comedy Vicious to Sky Atlantic where you were torturing a man in hit show Games of Thrones. Now we’re listening to your beautiful solo music – it’s an emotional roller-coaster. You’re a jack of all trades (but a master of them all), huh?
I’ve always really been into music. Playing in bands and stuff. It’s great to have something creative to do when I’m not working as am actor. I’ve been really lucky to get to play loads of different roles… hopefully I’ll get to carry on!

How do you make the time to pursue acting and music and still manage to do both justice?
It can be quite tough to find time. Recording is tricky and gigs are trickier. Th difficult thing is not knowing where I’ll be in six months or a year so it’s hard to plan a tour or something. In terms of writing it’s easier because all I need is a guitar and some paper… and a pen. You can take them on set or whatever. There can be a lot of waiting around on set so I’m the least bored actor around!

Your solo EP Bang! Bang! is out on July 1st, what was the inspiration behind these four tracks?
The tracks are very different. Bang! Bang! is eye contact across a room. Two people connecting. It’s like a narrative, their thoughts. Slightly embellished from a moment in my life years ago. The others come from things that effected me over the last year or so. Like a zoëtrøpe.

Are you planning to tour the UK with your music any time soon?
I’d love to do a tour. As I said earlier it’s hard to have the time. Hopefully we can work something out.

If there was a way to combine your acting and musical talents – say a biopic – which music legend would you love to play?
That’s a hard one. Joe Strummer would be cool. Or Steve Marriott… or The Boss.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’ve started work on an album. And, hopefully some more Game of Thrones.

For more info about Bang Bang! click here, and check out the video for the title track below.