Meet the Big Brother housemates (part one)

Big Brother is back for the summer, this year with a Secrets and Lies theme.

Unlike previous years, the launch has been divided over two nights – so so far we’ve only got half the housemates for this year.

Let’s meet them…



We said it was the year of Secrets & Lies and Big Brother kicks off the series with a whopper. Since the show began there has always been speculation about actors, moles and spies being placed in the house to do Big Brother’s bidding. And this year it’s finally happened – but it’s the audience who are going to be running things. For the first time ever allow us to introduce you to The People’s Puppet. The People’s Puppet is 29 year old actor Michael who will be at the audience’s disposal from day one to cause mischief and chaos. He’ll be set secret tasks decided by the viewers and Big Brother – all with the aim of wreaking total havoc and keeping the housemates in a constant state of flux.



An engaging and confident ladies’ man, Callum claims that others in the house would get annoyed by his “very good looks” as all the attention will be on him. He likes an argument but doesn’t like very religious or overly camp gay people. He’s cheeky and admits to never saying sorry as he never regrets anything – and calls himself “the full package”.
Callum currently works as a children’s football coach. He really enjoys it because of all the attention and praise he receives from the parents. Callum started his professional life as a lifeguard and did the job for four years whilst at school and university. During this job he claims to have saved nineteen people’s lives – but that’s not it – Callum has saved other people’s lives outside of the job – making it a total of 28 lives saved. He admits that part of the reason he does it is for the praise and attention. He likes to be a hero. He is very opinionated and says there is nothing better than having a good argument. He believes his ‘trump card’ is his intelligence and says he can often belittle people with his words. Whilst coaching in America, he ended up sleeping with a mother and daughter and thinks this gives him serious “man points”. Callum isn’t looking for love in the house but says he is definitely looking to ‘crack on’ with someone.



Liverpudlian Dexter’s jobs have included male escort, paparazzo, strip club manager, magician and celeb PR “Jack of all trades, a social chameleon and master of only a few”. He claims he was London’s highest paid male escort. One of the most expensive things he’s bought is a night with a Russian supermodel.
Dexter is single but says his love life is “complicated”. He has a few girls that he sees on a monthly basis but says he is too busy for a relationship. For this reason, he is usually the one to end relationships. He says working is the greatest love of his life.
He says he doesn’t get time for hobbies because he is always working; chasing stories and making money.
Dexter has open-minded views on sex and culture. He can get very outspoken during debates and dislikes “stupid people”.



Chatty identical twins Jack and Joe share everything; friends, interests and even the same bedroom. They finish off each other’s sentences and think it would be odd to be apart, “We’re funny, we’re friendly, and we’re fat”. The twins are the youngest in their family and have three older sisters.
Jack’s party trick is “putting spoons under my moobs and holding them there”. He admits this is disgusting. Jack is not looking for love in the house as he would be worried about the cameras and mum and dad watching. They love musicals and treat themselves to seeing one every payday.
Jack and Joe support the Conservative party. Jack started to support them because of his dad and says “Ed Miliband is the main reason I don’t trust Labour”. Richard Branson is their idol because he has done so much and as Jack says “he is dyslexic and now he has an island.”



Jemima runs her own matchmaking website called which she started in 2008.
The website is all about women who want a rich man to date. It now has 40,000 clients and four categories: Golddigger Boy, Golddigger Babe, Wealthy Man and Wealthy Lady. Jemima herself has dated a Saudi Prince and a man worth £50 million. She’s also got an eye for a younger man – her last boyfriend was 19 when they met. She admits to being a gold digger and a cougar. Jemima thinks that without money, love will never work. Alongside the website Jemima is a hairdresser.
She lives with her 13 year old daughter Lily who Jemima had when she was 17. She describes her as “13 going on 18” always telling her mum what to do. Jemima says she has taught Lily to work hard but “If you have expensive tastes you need someone to pay for them”.
She has vowed not to have sex before she goes into the Big Brother house. When asked if she would have sex in the house, she says “If I fancy someone, I’ll go for it.” Jemima would hate to be put in the house with smokers, lazy people or anyone smelly. If her fellow housemates were lazy, she thinks she would be able to motivate them and often has people coming to ask her for advice. The most difficult thing about the experience will be being away from her close family. She plans to cope with this by bonding with her “new family” in the house and potentially finding someone to share her bed. She would love to win Big Brother and show that a mother of her age has what it takes.



Welsh, funny and warm, Sam is an ambitious cheeky chap who has represented Great Britain and Wales as part of their deaf football teams. Sam was born with 70-80% hearing loss, which his parents discovered when he was 3 years old. He wants to become a role model to deaf kids who are too ashamed to wear their hearing aids. He enjoys flirting with the ladies at work and compares himself to Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses.
When asked how his hearing will affect him in the house, he says he can’t pronounce words very well and finds it annoying that his speech isn’t perfect, although it has improved immensely through speech therapy. Sam doesn’t always hear conversations correctly and will give an answer that doesn’t have anything to do with the question which can be amusing.
He describes himself as fun and confident, with no common sense. He likes to think he is in good shape and goes to the gym now and again but struggles to keep motivated. He has never had a girlfriend and he wants to meet someone soon, although he thinks he is too young to settle down.He has always had a major crush on Julia Roberts and also likes Frankie and Mollie from The Saturdays. He would definitely snog someone in the house.



Sallie is a tattooed, rock chick, glamour model who describes herself as a bitch. Sallie has slept with over 70 girls but describes them as “head f**ks”. She has also slept with various celebrities including footballers. She’s a straight talking Northerner who claims she offends most people she talks to. Her hobbies include extreme sports, fire-breathing and DJing.
Sallie has a 3 year old daughter who lives with her for a few days every week. Her daughter’s father looks after her the rest of the time. Sallie has a Chihuahua called Vegas, and she says that the most important person in her life is her daughter. As she spends a lot of time away, she says the time they have together is very precious.
Sallie has been a glamour model for the past two years although she has only been signed for the past 6 months. She loves modelling and the lifestyle it brings, and is glad to be one of the first tattooed models breaking into the mainstream. By day, Sallie’s job is being a model and by night she is a DJ
Sallie thinks her biggest achievement is travelling around the world with her daughter when she was 2 years old. Sallie is currently single and her last relationship ended in January after she found him checking her phone, she describes him as a “weirdo”.



Sophie is feisty and cockney born and bred in the East End of London. She has gypsy roots and was brought up around the gypsy community and describes her granddad as a “gypsy gangster”. She classes herself as a bit of a tomboy and “not a bimbo” as she follows football and kickboxing.
Although she is a dental nurse she hates working and is a self-confessed, spoilt daddy’s girl. She is close to her mum too – the family are all very loud and “in each other’s faces”. Her dad owns a scrap yard which is a family business where her granddad, uncle and cousins all work. When she was
younger she would go ‘scrapping’ with her dad, which involved picking up and finding pieces of scrap and metal.
Sophie is a black belt in karate but she doesn’t train anymore because she got bored of it. She says this is typical of her as she often gets bored of things easily and moves on to the next thing. She says that her best trait is that she is funny and is happy to take the “p*ss out of herself”. She doesn’t take life to seriously; “I have webbed feet and I’m always joking about them. You have to laugh at yourself”! Her friends would describe has as a ‘pusher’ because she is always winding them up and pushing them to do things that they don’t want to do. She hates bitchy people but says “I’ll get on with anyone who gets on with me!”
Sophie admits that her worst trait is that she can have a temper. “Sometimes I can be a bit lary. I don’t mean to be but I don’t like it when people take the p*ss out of me”. Sophie doesn’t consider herself to be religious although she was christened. “My family are really religious but I don’t do any of that bible-bashing stuff”.
Sophie hates being a dental nurse; “I can’t stand seeing the same old teeth every day. I hate it”. Sophie aims to have a change of career after Big Brother.



Wolfy is a practising Shaman “connecting with earth through love and harmony”. She describes shamanism as connecting with Mother Earth and the inner animal. She is often asked to perform aura cleansing and past life recall, which she is happy to do for free. She believes in reincarnation and says she can talk to animals, if a pigeon flew down beside her she would ask it if it had anything to teach her. In addition to being a Shaman, Wolfy is a qualified mackerel fisherwoman. She has “a passion for fishing which borders on the erotic” and has a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught. She can spend up to 6 hours a day standing on the end of the pier with her rod.
Wolfy would miss pens and paper the most as she loves to draw – instead she says she will go out into the garden and make crop circles in the grass. Wolfy believes her role in the House initially would be as a mother figure. Her best personality trait is being funny and she thinks she is good at “funny insult comedy”. She thinks she makes people laugh. But her worst personality trait is being too loud and saying awkward things that she expects people to laugh at and they don’t. She says that every job she has done in the past has been “crap” including working in a call centre selling healthcare to the elderly and as a painter and decorator. Her dream job would be as a tattoo artist.
She lives with her girlfriend of four years who she describes as the love of her life but isn’t close to her family. Wolfy is honest about having a game plan, “I’m in it to win it”.