OMG! Daley Ojuederie removed from Big Brother house for “threatening behaviour”

Big Brother bosses have kicked housemate Daley Ojuederie out of the house and off the show.

The 28-year-old was given the boot over his aggressive behaviour towards fellow housemate, Hazel O’Sullivan.

Channel 5 released a statement this afternoon, which read: “Due to threatening and aggressive behaviour towards Hazel O’Sullivan we have taken the decision to remove Daley Ojuederie from the Big Brother House.”

The Sun Online have published an extract from the Diary Room. It reads as follows:
Big Brother: “You said: Do you want me to go f****** mad now?”
Hazel: “Yeah… you should do it.”
Daley: “Do you remember when I said yeah when I go mad it’s f****** scary… doesn’t mean I’m gonna hit you but it’s scary s**t.”
Hazel: “Go for it.”
Daley: “Have some respect for your f****** elders, yeah do you understand me? Cos if you don’t… I’ll finish you…”
Daley: “Respect your f****** elders, before I nut you one.”
Big Brother: “You slapped Hazel’s behind. You also clasped Hazel around her neck and then pinned her to the bed by both arms.”

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