Top Christmas Gifts For Culture Vultures

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, now is about the time you start worrying about all the people you haven’t bought presents for yet.

Christmas is – in the words of the legendary Sir Cliff Richard – a time for giving, a time for getting. It’s mainly about the giving though, and anyone can sling a selection box your way or shove £20 in a card. When they say “it’s the thought that counts” they mean the thought you put into the gift, not that you just bothered.

How do you blow people away with a present though? Well, you don’t have to spend loads of money to do so, in fact, they best way to dazzle someone is to find them something that they’ll love – not something they could just stroll into town and pick up themselves.

The internet is great for weird and wonderful gifts, but the internet is pretty big, and you’re busy, right? Well fear not, because we have searched all corners of the web for awesome and unique gifts, and we’ve even broken them down into categories and there’s something for every budget.

And as if that isn’t helpful enough, you can click here to search for voucher codes before you buy, and here to see how many days are left until Christmas. No thanks necessary – hopefully Santa will see how helpful I’ve been and finally get me that Matthew McConaughey I’ve been asking for.

Geek Chic – Techy gifts for the nerds in your life


Under £10  Here at Flecking Records we know just what it’s like being stuck in front of a screen for hours at a time while you get your work done. We also know how truly disgusting it is to drink a cold cup or tea or coffee, but do it anyway because we’re too busy to get another one. If you’re like us, the Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer is exactly what you – or the busy bees that you know – need, and for just £9.00 from I Want One Of Those.

Under £30 Let’s be honest, we’re all a little hooked on Facebook, even if we don’t like to admit it. These days, people throw so much of their lives onto their social networks – probably a little more than they should – so it’s no wonder their real world and online world are merging. Embrace it with this Social Media Shower Curtain, £10.99 from I Want One Of Those. Now when you set your status to “Off for a shower” you can take your social network love with you, and why not snap a selfie while you’re at it?

Under £50 When you were younger, did you used to make a phone shape with your hand and pretend to be chatting away? Well we’re in the future now, kid, and now you can make real phone calls that way. With Bluetooth Gloves, £49.99 from Firebox, you simple make the shape and hold your hand to your ear. You’ll look awesome and your hands don’t get cold – genius.

Internet lovers – It’s all about meme meme meme


Under £10 The moustache trend is showing no signs of disappearing just yet. A quick look around the net and you can expect to see people sticking a ‘stache on everything from their laptops to their cats. The fancy facial fuzz is also cropping up in fashion, people are getting them inked on their fingers – and all in the name of looking fancy. Give the gift of instant coolness with this Emergency Moustache Kit, just £2.99 from New Look.

Under £30 It may not be flip-flop weather now but you can rest assured we will get one or two days of summer around July time, and you want to make sure people are prepared. The perfect gift for the person who has everything – how about these Jesus and the Dino Baby Flip Flops from Cafe Press? Honour the big man’s birthday with a treat for their feet for just £14.50, and there’s even a dinosaur thrown into the mix.

Under £50 Everyone loves Grumpy Cat, and I think we all probably know a Grumpy Cat character in real life. Try and put a smile on their miserable faces with this Grumpy Cat cushion, £39 from Infurn. Just look deep into his eyes, look at the pure hatred in his eyes – a modern day Scrooge. Bah, humbug!

Fashion lovers – For your the most stylish peeps you know


Under £10 Christmas jumpers were so uncool that they actually became cool again. Well now that everyone is wearing them, you need to think outside the box. If like us, you, or someone you know, doesn’t see a little thing like freezing cold weather as a reason to cover up, then New Look have a range of Christmas t-shirts that you’ll love. You can dress like an elf or opt for a cute gingerbread man, but our favourite is the Dark Green Reindeer Fairisle Christmas T-Shirt – just £7.99. Buy a size bigger and wear it as a dress – just be sure to invest in some thick tights.

Under £30 The best way to have awesomely unique jewellery is to make your own, but we don’t all have the skill involved or the time it takes to learn. Well worry not, because with this How to Make Jewellery With Tatty Devine Book from ASOS you can give people the gift of creating their own style. If you only buy it for one reason, make sure it’s to learn how to make the adorable Sausage Dog Brooch. Well worth it at £12.99.

Under £50 If you or someone you know is already a fan of the TV show Girls, then the Girls Deborah Lippmann Limited Edition Nail Polish set if perfect – a limited-edition set of four nail lacquers inspired by each of the girls. With music being an emotional force of the show, the four shades are aptly named with song titles that symbolise each of the main characters’ distinct personalities. Mix it up, depending on your mood. £30 from HBO.

TV fans – ‘Cause square eyes are cool


Under £10 If when I mentioned the TV show Girls you had no idea what I was talking about, then allow me to explain. The HBO show is one of the most awesome things on TV at the moment, and yet hardly anyone in the UK seems to have heard of it. The show focuses on the lives of four very different young women, but don’t think you’re getting Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives or Pretty Little Liars – Girls is so terrifying realistic, and will teach you so many valuable life lessons. It’s also hilarious. Girls Season 1 is available from Amazon for £9.50.

Under £30 Breaking Bad is probably one of the greatest TV shows to ever grace our screens – in fact, I’m not sure I know anyone who watched it and didn’t love it. If you want to get a Breaking Bad fan something wonderfully different (with festive-ish vibes) then Firebox have a Blue Sky Snow Globe for £24.99. Give it a shake and watch blue crystal rain down over Albuquerque.

Under £50 If you know anyone who is a fan of Doctor Who, then this Doctor Who Scarf from Amazon is the ultimate gift. Here’s the science: The scarf made its debut in 1974’s Robot, supposedly knitted for the Doctor by Madame Nostradamus. Though it got damaged in the following story, The Ark in Space – and was pronounced “irreplaceable” by the Time Lord – he did, in fact, acquire a replacement and his look evolved throughout Tom Baker’s seven-year tenure. But nothing can substitute the excessively-long, multi-coloured scarf that will forever be associated with the universe’s favourite time traveller. Pick one up for £49.99.

Theatre gifts – for your darlings


Under £10 Who isn’t a fan of The Wizard of Oz? If you know someone who loves the musical, check out this Wizard of Oz Click-and-Wish Kit from Dress Circle. It costs just £5.99 and includes a keepsake of Dorothy’s famous ruby slippers, a sticker book and two cards. Both kids and adults will love it.

Under £30 If you like your musicals a little more grown up, then how about some Phantom of the Opera merchandise? This Phantom of the Opera Mask is the ultimate collectors item for fans of the musical. It’s made from papier mache and has silk ribbon so you can wear it and sing in front of the mirror – all for £29.99, from Dress Circle.

Under £50 If you want to get your theatre-loving loved one something truly special this Christmas, then what about a Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Explore one of London’s most iconic landmarks for just £32 (for two people) and see where the legend himself lived and wrote his timeless plays. From Virgin Experiences.

Film buffs – reel-y good movie gifts


Under £10 Bueller… Bueller… Bueller… If like us, you love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, then you’ll love this Ferris Bueller Leisure Rules Mug from Truffle Shuffle, £5.99. The classic 80’s movie is one that we all love, and we could all learn a thing of two from about taking it easy. Featuring the “leisure rules” slogan, it’s a pretty funky gift for movie lovers.

Under £30 The awesome 2004 movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy has a sequel hitting cinemas any day now, so why not celebrate the original by giving the gift of a bottle of Sex Panther, £29.99 from Firebox. Sex Panther is a special cologne. It’s illegal in nine countries… Yep, it’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good. They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Under £50 Everyone loves Batman, but how about something a little different? Have you ever wondered what superheroes do when they’re not saving the world? Well wonder no more, because the Secret Life of Superheroes artwork will fill in the blanks for you. We especially love the Dynamic Duo one, £34.99 (framed) from Firebox. It turns out Batman and Robin have not only been fighting crime, but they’ve also been fighting their feelings for each other – well their secret is out, so pucker up.

Music lovers – for those who love a good tune


Under £10 What would you say if I told you there was a robot who dances to music? You’d want one, right? Well The Toy Shop are not only selling one, but it’s reduced from £39.99 to just £9.99 – so you can pick one up for yourself as well. My Keepon Robot listens to your tunes and dances to them in the most adorable way.

Under £30 Have you noticed how you only have to look at your headphones and they tangle themselves, and then you have to spend ages trying to untangle them? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Well this could be the answer to that problem… These White Zip Headphones, £14.99 from Amazon, zip up, so there’s no way they can get tangled up. They also have a microphone, so it works as a hands-free set too.

Under £50 If you want to get your music-loving loved one something truly unique for Christmas, what about a Personalised Playlist Cassette Print? You can make the print up of whatever songs you want, and it’s all done via Not On The High Street, so you don’t have to worry about being judged for you questionable taste in music. £38.

Creative types – weird and wonderful ways to express yourself


Under £10 With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to get a diary. Every year we want to start a diary, a la Bridget Jones, but every year we get bored and give up – usually sometime on New Year’s Day. If you know someone like that then what you need is a Wreck This Journal. Think of Wreck This Journal as the anarchist’s Artist’s Way – the book for those who’ve always wanted to draw outside the lines but were afraid to do it. There are no rules, and exercises will sometimes see you practically destroying your journal. There’s page where you hang it in a public place for people to doodle on – we left ours backstage at a gig, and McFly filled it with drawings of naked people. A bargain at £6.29.

Under £30 If you like your books with a little less chaos, then a Sloane Stationery White Lies Pocket Book might be a better option. Despite its cute design, it doesn’t explicitly say that you have to lie in it, which is nice. You can pick up the handmade notebook from ASOS for £12.99.

Under £50 Baking has never been cooler, and people are having to come up with new ways to dazzle their mates with their baked goods. Sick of trendy little cupcakes and dainty cake pops? Well, we give you… 3D Cake Moulds! Create animals, monsters, pirates – anything your heart desires and your icing proficiency allows. £39.99 from Firebox.

Gamers – gifts for those who love to play


Under £10 Fans of L.A. Noire will love this, and it’s not even a game, it’s a book. If you were captivated by the tales of 1940s Los Angeles then L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories is the perfect book for you. The book, packet with gripping short stories, is only £1.99 for Kindle.

Under £30 We all love video games, but imagine if you could bring one to life? With Ghost Hunt, you can. Just £29.99 from Firebox, you get a physical gun and creepy skeleton who projects ghosts around the room you are in – it’s your job to shoot them. You’ll have a blast trying out the different difficulty settings, and trying to beat your score. You even have to remember to reload, which makes it even more realistic. Yes, I just said that.

Under £50 Lovers of GTA games – and lets face it, who doesn’t love GTA? – will love this Vice City 10th Anniversary Kubrick set. To celebrate the legendary game, Rockstar have made these cute little figures. You get Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, crime lord Ricardo Diaz, adult film star Candi Suxx and scruples-free attorney Ken Rosenberg, along with five interchangeable accessories, all packaged together in a special 10th Anniversary box. £36 from Rockstar.


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