Dean Friedman Live in Concert – Review

There’s no denying that Dean Friedman is a talented musician and songwriter, with a specific knack for intertwining hilarious lyrics with perfectly thought-out musical compositions. Whilst most people probably still remember him solely for the hits he had in the Seventies, the multi-instrumentalist has been busy proving there’s a whole lot more to him than just Ariel and Lucky Stars.

For his tenth Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Dean has taken up residence in the city’s Apex International Hotel, conveniently located in the popular Grassmarket area. His show, Dean Friedman in Concert, is as personable as it is fun and sees him perform many of his loved songs including McDonald’s Girland Death to the Neighbours, whilst also chatting to the audience about the inspirations behind them.

The evening was summed up perfectly when, during the question and answer session, an audience member simply asked Dean why, with songs as catchy as his, he hasn’t had ‘hundreds and hundreds of hits’. A very good question indeed.