BFF According to Naty Ashba – Beauty, Fashion and Fitness

Naty has the IN with beauty, fashion and fitness. Not only does Nathalia Ashba represent each of those within herself, she is also representing it worldwide. Her new blog ‘According to Naty’ is currently being sponsored by 14 companies around the world and also has a Spanish translation for her followers.

Her blog will give its readers an inside view to current ventures in her career, along with beauty tips and product suggestions. Recently chosen as the spokesperson for Santé Bleu, which offers modern training programs with personal qualified trainers, Naty is definitely a fantastic choice for them. Also featured on Naty’s blog are fitness regimes for your own life which are easy to follow. As stated by Naty herself, “My blog is my place to inspire and be inspired by fashionistas and those living and loving a healthy lifestyle.”

Bringing her personal style to the fashion world, Naty has her line of sunglasses in collaboration with Iamitalian brand. The line being produced per her direction, the line is 100% handmade and shipping available worldwide and should be released within the week.

Continuum Vegas is excited to be working with Naty. Please stay tuned with a fab interview and photo shoot with the local Las Vegas Fashionista who just happens to be Mrs. Dj Ashba of Guns N Roses and Sixx AM.
coming soon

Click here to visit Naty’s blog and here for Santé Bleu.