20 Sexiest Sportsmen 2015

With our annual ‘sexy list‘ about to land any day now, we thought we’d whet your appetite with something a little different… sportsmen.

When it came to deciding who made the super-strict cut this year, the subject of sexy sportsmen came up and we realised something: there are lots of handsome, charming, talented and fantastic fellas in the sporting world and they’re getting no credit from us at all – and that’s terrible.

So, armed with a bunch of sexy snaps and ball puns to last us at least five paragraphs, here are our favourite fellas from the worlds of football, tennis, NFL, cricket, rugby and wrestling.

20. Roman Reigns / Joe Anoa’i

Wrestler Roman Reigns is a double-whammy of hotness, because he used to be an NFL player. His retirement from American football and subsequent career in wrestling saw the sexy 29-year-old not only grow his hair, but also start wearing less clothing. Winning combination.

19. Virat Kohli

In at 19 we have handsome cricketer, Virat Kohli. We especially like the the 26-year-old India captain’s tattoos.

18. Edinson Cavani

Our number 18 is Edinson Cavani. The 29-year-old Uruguayan footballer effortlessly fits our talk, dark and handsome preference.

17. Roger Federer

There are two contributing factors to our crush on Roger Federer. The 33-year-old tennis ace is not only extremely handsome, but he advertises Lindt, and somewhere, at the back of our minds, this makes us associate him with chocolate.

16. Alastair Cook

Our number 16 is England cricketer, Alastair Cook. Captain Cook isn’t only an awesome player, he’s also a philanthropist, a columnist and a saxophone player. A man of many talents.

15. Tom Brady

So I’m thinking I might get into the NFL… more specifically, the New England Patriots, who appear to have the most handsome players. And just in time for the Superbowl! The great thing about NFL is that the players are build like rugby players, but they wear helmets, so their faces don’t get bashed up – aren’t we considerate?! Our number 15, quarterback Tom Brady.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo

Our number 14 is footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese dad of one is not only great on the pitch, he’s also opened a fashion boutique and co-designed a range of underwear, but he also uses his wealth to do good, too, giving millions to good causes.

13. David Shillington

In at 13, we’ve got David Shillington. David is not only a sexy Rugby player, but he’s Australian too. This means he has a fit accent to match his fit job and his fit face. David is also a columnist for The Canberra Times, so brains as well as braun.

12. Francesco Totti

38-year-old Italian footballer Francesco Totti has long been one of our favourite footballers, who only seems to get more handsome as he gets older. Just incase we didn’t think he was cool enough, the Roma player recently snapped a celebratory selfie after scoring a goal – a man after our hearts, for sure.

11. Olivier Giroud

Oui, oui, out! Our number 11 is fit, French footballer, Olivier Giroud. The 28-year-old not only plays for the France national team, he also plays for Arsenal. In unrelated news, we’re moving down south…

10. Sergio Ramos

Next up we’ve got sexy Spaniard Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid and Spain national football team player is our number 10.

9. Víctor Valdés

Our number 9 is goalkeeper Víctor Valdés. The 33-year-old Spaniard is currently residing in the UK – playing for Manchester UTD, no less.

8. Gerard Piqué

Sexy Spaniard Gerard Piqué is our number 8. The FC Barcelona and Spain national team player is not an eligible bachelor, however. He is loved-up with Shakira Shakira.

7. Kevin Pietersen

When you think of sexy sportsmen, you often think of stylish footballers or big, buff rugby players; what we never realised was just how many sexy cricketers there were, so it seems a shame they are the ones who wear the most clothes. In at 7 we’ve got 34-year-old, South African born Kevin Pietersen.

6. David Beckham

Is it possible to compile a list of sexy sportsmen without mentioning David Beckham? Nope. Not ever, but especially not since his recent H&M ad campaign, in which he posed in underpants. The 39-year-old has a great reputation, which only makes him all the more attractive.

5. Leigh Halfpenny

In at 5 it’s Welsh cutie Leigh Halfpenny. The 26-year-old Welsh international rugby union player can tackle us any day (and that’s our one and only rugby pun used, FYI).

4. Grigor Dimitrov

Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov is our number 4. He’s just 23 years of age, and already his career-high ATP singles ranking is no.8 – in the world. Grigor is happily loved up with fellow tennis ace Maria Sharapova.

3. Graziano Pellè

Our number 3 is Italian hottie, Graziano Pellè. The fit footballer plays for both the Italy national team and Southampton here in England. In addition to Italian, the sexy striker can speak French, Spanish and English.

2. Danny Amendola

In at 2 we have NFL player, Danny Amendola. The 29-year-old hottie is (I’m told) a wide receiver (ahem) for the New England Patriots. One of the things we love the most about Danny is his generosity. Danny, who signed a $28.5 million deal with the Patriots, stepped up to the mark in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, pledging to donate $100 for every pass he caught during the 2013 season and $200 for every dropped pass to a recovery fund.

1. Pablo Osvaldo

Our number 1 is fit footie player, Pablo Osvaldo. The Italian has a bit of a reputation for being a bad boy which, combined with his tall, dark and handsome looks, makes him the obvious choice for our top spot.