The Fringe Five – Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana, an American wrestler who moonlights as a comedian, is fusing his two talents together to create one of the most unique and unpredictable comedy shows at this year’s Fringe.

We caught up with him for The Fringe Five to hear all about what audiences can expect…

Can you tell us a bit about your show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015?

I feel I represent the spirit of the festival.  My show is truly weird and unique.  At 11pm, Brendon Burns (2007 Perrier winner) and I watch bad pro wrestling and riff over the top of it.  Each night is a different guest, different clips and a different show.

Why did you decide to bring Laughter Ever After to the Fringe?

This is my third year doing the Fringe.  I’m the only full-time wrestler to have a full run at the Fringe.  I’m a huge comedy fan so I love being inspired by all the creativity and I also love bringing the wrestling community into the comedy community.

Why should people come and see it, when there’s hundreds of other shows on at the same time?

Because there’s NO SHOW LIKE IT.  That’s not a hard sell – that’s a fact.  Wrestling is good when it’s great, but it’s the best when it’s bad!

Over the years, what has been your best Fringe memory?

Last year I acted as my own bouncer.  We had some drunkards in and they were being disruptive.  Since I’m a 6’1″ 245lb comedian, I got up out of my seat, and bounced them out of the show.

Can you recommend one other show on the programme for our readers?

There’s a comedian from Canada who is the funniest man on the planet.  His name is Graham Clark and he’s doing a show called Graham Clark reads the phone book.  I couldn’t recommend him enough as a hilarious comedian.


Brendon Burns and Colt Cabana Sit In a F**king Yurt at 11pm and Provide Comedy and Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches runs at the Stand in the Square from 11th – 31st August (no shows on 16th, 18th, 23rd or 30th). Tickets cost £10 (£8 for concessions).