The Fringe Five – Tobias Persson

From tomorrow, Tobian Persson will take up residency at The Stand 5 & 6 in Edinburgh. Ahead of his Fringe show, we caught up with the comedian as part of our new question and answer series, The Fringe Five…

Can you tell us a bit about your show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015?

We used to fight for important things – votes for women, social and racial equality: in other words, “civil rights”. Now, we only raise our voices when the WIFI goes down on the plane ie: “drivel rights”. People have become zombies, staring at tiny screens, tripping over homeless people, on the way to buy Google glasses. People died for certain rights but we spend our days putting up photos of our dogs, giving them quirky captions saying “This morning I licked my arse” – it just feels like an insult to history.

Why did you decide to bring Tobias Persson and the Drivel Rights Movement to the Fringe?

Because I love haggis, whisky and the pouring rain!


Why should people come and see it, when there’s hundreds of other shows on at the same time?

It’s a great way of starting your day – get into a happy, revolutionary mode around lunchtime. Also, I will do some highly controversial and humanly impossible stuff in my show like try to defend Bono from U2.

Over the years, what has been your best Fringe memory?

Seeing the loveable madman Bob Slayer take his clothes off (that could be every other gig) at one of the Malcom Hardee Awards and try to crowd surf. A big moment for me!

Can you recommend one other show on the programme for our readers?

Always go and see Simon Munnery – even if he is just down the pub!

Tobias Persson and The Drivel Rights Movement runs at The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6 at 12:20pm from 7th – 30th August (no show on 17th). Tickets cost £10 (£8 for concessions).