Ryan Hamilton debuts Medicine music video

Fresh off the back of his knockout UK tour, Ryan Hamilton has debuted a new music video.

Ryan always does something different with his music videos and Medicine is no exception.

Shot in Nottingham during the tour, the video mixes live clips of Ryan along with imagery related to the video being graffitied all over the city.

We’re really loving Ryan’s sound at the moment and, like all of his tracks really, Medicine is ridiculously catchy.

Check out the video below, and click here to read all about our chat with Mr Hamilton himself.


HERE'S THE BRAND NEW VIDEO FOR "MEDICINE"!!! Big thanks to Posteritty and Ayup Productions for the fun concept, amazing job, and letting me embrace my obsession with Banksy! ;-) I hope the end of the video makes you smile. It was a pretty magical moment. Haha. This video was shot in/around Nottingham. Thanks to The Bodega for being good sports… not to mention one of my favorite venues :-) Anyway, check it out and PLEASE SHARE!!!!! NOTE: Nothing was permanently defaced… all of the "graffiti" was washable paint.

Posted by Ryan Hamilton on Friday, 25 March 2016