Dominos to deliver pizza via drones

Dominos have just made it even easier to get your hands on pizza – drone deliveries.

Forget having to get dressed and go outside to buy pizza, forget making awkward smalltalk with a delivery man who struggled to find where you live; Dominos are teaming up with with drone delivery people Flirtey to launch the first commercial drone delivery pizza service in the world.

Dominos have released a video, showing the service in action in Auckland, New Zealand.

“We’ve always said that it doesn’t make sense to have a 2-tonne machine delivering a 2-kilogram order,” Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij explained.

“Drones allow us to extend [our] delivery area by removing barriers such as traffic and access [and] deliver further afield than we currently do to our rural customers while reaching our urban customers in a much more efficient time.”

Testing is set to begin later this year.