Twelve tours to top off 2016

I think we can safely say that summer festival season is well and truly over, but all is not lost. Pack away your tents, cast aside your muddy wellies and get ready for tour season.

We’ve compiled a list of twelve tours you should by tickets for before the year is out, and with something for everyone (from Bieber to Bon Iver) you’re sure to beat the winter blues with this lot.

Steel Panther, Bowling For Soup – October – November 2016

In what is set to be one of the most hilarious tours to date, Steel Panther have teamed up with Flecking favourites Bowling For Soup for an arena tour. You can expect spandex, big hair, great music, lots of laughs and just general R-rated good times. With Steel Panther’s glam-rock gold and all the nostalgic feels Bowling For Soup stir up in us with their perfected brand of pop punk, we know we’re in for a good night.

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Bon Iver – October – February 2017

The Urban Legend of Bon Iver’s first album is a tale like something from a Zach Braff indie movie, and since day one they have been captivating audiences around the globe. Bon Iver are back on stage this October and they’re not to be missed – trust us! There is a big appetite for their third album and we can’t wait to hear it.

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Justin Bieber – October – November 2016

One minute Justin Bieber is this fresh-faced little kid, universally hated by everyone who wasn’t a 15 year old girl, now, suddenly he’s a mega-star who almost always has a handful of his songs in the UK Top 40. Bieber made the leap from poppy to popular by collaborating with some of the coolest kids in music, like Skrillex and Major Lazer – proof that who you hang out with can really make or break you (no offence, Usher). Buy tickets for his UK tour and remember to bring enough mash for all the bangers.

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Christine and the Queens – October – November 2016

Héloïse Letissier, better know by her stage name Christine and the Queens, is about to embark on a UK tour and we couldn’t be more excited. Inspired by the work of local drag queen musicians in London, Letissier adopted “The Queens” as her backing band. Check out her unique brand of “freakpop” in what is sure to be a both musically and visually spectacular live show.

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Bring The Horizon – October – November 2016

Yorkshire lads Bring Me The Horizon have been on our radar for a while now (ten years! But that makes us sound so old…), and they’re still putting out great music. Touring their epic 2015 album ‘That’s The Spirit’, BMTH will be supported by fellow Brit-rockers Don Broco – so brace yourselves for one of the loudest arena tours of the year.

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Tom Odell – October – November 2016

He’s back. ‘Wrong Crowd’ came out back in June and it sounds great. It’s like Tom but it’s more and it’s different. FYI, it’s the difference we like to see, his music has progressed but it’s still unique and still recognisably Tom’s own sound. It’ll be interesting to see how the new material translates to live performances and we can’t wait to find out with ‘Magnetised’ being one we’ll be looking out for.

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Wild Beasts – September – November 2016

If Marmite was a band then it would be Wild Beasts and we’d be covered in Marmite. This band almost seem to defy any genre and the bands fifth album ‘Boy King’ is certainly more of what we love. We can’t wait to hear the new tracks live later this year and you should definitely look out for them.

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Daughter – October – December 2016

Daughter’s second album ‘Not to Disappear’ came out at the start of the year and soon you’ll be able to go enjoy it live. We can’t wait to go and listen to the bands new material face to face and the indie folk band look like they are still churning out memorable acoustic tunes that will mellow your brain right out of your head.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – September – February 2017

The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a band that never seem to age, both physically and musically. With possibly even more energy and talent than when they started, Anthony Kiedis and chums made a triumphant return to Reading and Leeds Festival this year, and they’ve still got more to give the UK. They’re currently touring cities across Europe but they’ll be back on our turf in December for a handful of dates – you’d be crazy to miss them.

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José González – January – March 2017

It feels like José has been around a while now and despite having only three studio albums out, he has a big cult following and you’ll probably recognise some of his smooth acoustic back catalogue even if you’ve not heard of him before. He’s back performing again, this time aided by The String Theory who will be adding a beautiful classical touch to his music – going on previous experience, this is a show not to be missed!

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The 1975 – October – April 2017

The 1975 are a indie-electro-alternative-pop-rock touring machine. We can’t really think of a time this band weren’t on tour since they dropped their self-titled debut album. That said, if you haven’t seen them yet, get on the link below and get yourself some tickets. If you don’t know their stuff too well then you will definitely be telling yourself ‘oh is this by them?’ quite a few times during their set. Trust us they are worth catching.

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Less Than Jake – October – November 2016

It feels like Less Than Jake have been in our lives forever. They were just one of a bunch of bands who were on the soundtrack to our teenage years but they’re up there as one of the best ska bands from that time. Grab yourself a pint of cider and limber-up for an evening of skanking in the mosh pit like you’re fifteen again. The Fireball – Fuelling The Fire Tour also features Mariachi El Bronx and The Skints.

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