Get ready for the 9th Official Twin Peaks UK Festival

n 1990 ‘TWIN PEAKS’ – the American TV series created by writer Mark Frost and director David Lynch – became the top rated series of the year and spawned a phenomenal cult following that continues to this day.

In 2017 ‘Twin Peaks’ returned to TV screens and once again broke boundaries with its cinematic non-linear narrative, explorative themes and an extensive cast of 217, including 37 of the original actors.

The Official Twin Peaks UK Festival was founded by British writer and producer Lindsey Bowden in 2010 and has since become a hugely popular and firm favourite with fans of the TV series and cast members.

This September the Official Twin Peaks UK Festival returns to London to re-create the eerie, fictional town of Twin Peaks, over the weekend of September 29th and 30th at the London Irish Centre in Camden with activities extended to Camden Square Gardens. Guests will be able to rub shoulders with stars of the show as they dig into some damn fine cherry pie with a cup of coffee. David Lynch Coffee in fact.

This year’s festival is delighted to confirm the attendance of:

DANA ASHBROOK (Bobby Briggs)

KIMMY ROBERTSON (Lucy Brennan née Moran)

JOHN PIRRUCCELLO (Deputy Chad Broxford)

and singing live:


Plus more names, Q&A’s, signings, events and more

Welcomed by the One Eyed Jacks girls, festival guests will have access to screenings (including Lynch inspired fan made short films), and live performances from Lynchian burlesque and cabaret troupe The Double R Club, who produce very funny, very dark, sexy and nightmarish scenarios based on their favourite Twin Peaks characters.

The rooms and hallways of The London Irish Centre, which is housed in a beautiful Regency terrace in Camden, north London, will be transformed into the legendary town of Twin Peaks. Visitors will be able to visit The Great Northern Hotel, take part in the Mulholland Drive Jitterbug Class, visit the mysterious, seductive Black Lodge and Mr C’s Tulpa Creatives art class will be welcoming new students!

The festival Art Gallery will showcase inspired fan art including the popular ‘Return To Twin Peaks’ photographic exhibition by Canadian photographer Blake Morrow; his photos are coming straight from the Series Mania Festival in Lille, France. Downstairs the Roadhouse/Bang Bang Bar will be hosting live music on both days of the festival, with DJ sets on the Sunday evening. And there will even be live owls on show in the section named The Call of the Owl – a vital aspect of the Twin Peaks legacy.

This year a special treat will be in store for visitors – a train carriage will be parked in Camden Square Gardens, and will offer a thrilling VR experience – with actual locations shot in Washington State. To enter the train car the fans will need to go through the circle of trees that is the ‘evil in these woods’ Glastonbury Grove. After visiting the real life locations, they can relax in the picnic area.

The Official Twin Peaks UK Festival’s Founder & Producer is the vivacious and creative writer/producer Lindsey Bowden : “Twin Peaks is as legendary for its style as its eccentricity, its murders and its offbeat humour. I love the unique mix of eccentric characters, eerie small town atmosphere and surreal storytelling. I created the festival in 2010 and through the last eight years it has grown and developed into something very special with a lot of the fans returning year after year. We look forward to welcoming long-time Twin Peaks fans and the new generation of fans who discovered Twin Peaks in 2017 with the third TV series. This year’s festival promises to engulf them in the world of Twin Peaks within the context of David Lynch’s wider body of work.”

Official Showtime merchandise will be on sale along with plenty of other damn fine festival merchandise including Lindsey Bowden’s own book ‘Damn Fine Cherry Pie’ – a Twin Peaks inspired cookbook, published in 2016 by Octopus Books and Harper Collins.

Dates: September 29th-30th 2018

Doors: Saturday September 29th – VIP ticket holders 9.30am; Standard ticket holders 10am

Sunday September 30th – All ticket holders: 10am

Venue: London Irish Centre and Camden Square Gardens, 50-52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB

Ticket prices:

· VIP £300.00

· Standard Weekend ticket (does not include signings – these can be bought extra) £150.00

· Standard One Day only (does not include signings – these can be bought extra) £85.00