Book review: Lost Connections by Johann Hari

Depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. Why? Across the world, scientists have uncovered evidence for nine different causes. Some are in our biology, but most are in the way we are living today.

Lost Connections offers a radical new way of thinking about this crisis. It shows that once we understand the real causes, we can begin to turn to pioneering new solutions – ones that offer real hope.

Oh my gosh – I love this book.

We all have (at the least) bouts of feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, or all of the above sometimes. Look, you’re probably thinking what I’ve always thought: no book is going to just cure all this stuff away. And while I still believe that to be true, that’s not what I took from this book, and it’s not what helped me so massively.

What Johann Hari offers is not a cure, but an explanation. An explanation that brings with it a clarity on mental health I’ve always lacked. I feel like I better understand what is happening with these feelings now, and why they happen, and it is with the explanation that brings peace.

Even if you don’t struggle with these issues this is just one hell of an interesting book. Definitely worth a read.