Fans get handy with McFly?!

File under: The weirdest rumour we’ve heard in ages.

McFly member Tom Fletcher tweeted earlier apologising to Pioneers (select Super City members) who didn’t get to meet them at a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil and rumour has it the reason is some fans getting a bit frisky.

“Sorry to all the Pioneers we couldn’t see tonight. We really wanted to but there’s just too many of you guys to see before the show!xxx [sic]” Tom tweeted.

We know Dougie Poynter is recently single, but that doesn’t mean you can grab what you like ladies. The rumour buzzing around Twitter is that a fan tried to grab poor Dougie in his special places! Shocking!

The meet and greets take place before the shows and give fans a chance to meet the boys and get their autographs – a great opportunity for fans!

Now we don’t know how much of this is true, but our lovely friends over at mission:MCFLY filled us in on the rumours. A fan allegedly tried to touch Dougie which lead to security issues and the boys sadly cancelling their meet and greet.

Another rumour is that with a bunch of upset girls waiting outside, one girl’s dad allegedly called the police because his daughter had signed up for Super City for these perks.

Whatever happened, it sounds like it was out of the band’s hands (and into the fan’s, eh?) because they sounded very apologetic and they have always appreciated their fans.

The boys haven’t said anything on Twitter to give the rumours any credit – that’s the kind of thing that we’d totally tweet about if it had happened to us.

Were you at the show? Do you know if there is any truth in these “attempted hand job” rumours? Leave us a comment and let us know what happened.

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