Adam Lambert tribute magazine, Aura, is ready for fans

When I was asked to write a little something for an Adam Lambert tribute magazine, I jumped at the chance. I adore the luscious Mr Lambert, and could probably fill an entire book with words about him. But when I agreed, little did I realise what a fantastic project Aura magazine would be.

Aura is made up of stories from fans around the world – fans of every age, race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation – all paying tribute to Adam, and talking about how he has touched their lives.

The Glamberts are a fanbase to be reckoned with. Their loyalty and devotion to their idol is commendable – especially Aura editor Alice Miller, who made the tribute magazine happen. Reading all the different stories gives you this truly incredible feeling, just reading about how Adam has inspired, encouraged, delighted and helped his fans – often without even realising it. That’s what’s so great about Aura, it will show Adam just how much he means to his fans.

Aura is not only a magazine for his fans, it’s written by his fans. This isn’t some PR piece for the purpose of plugging an album, this is an honest to God tribute from the people who love Adam the most.

Copies are already on their way to fans, but there’s still time to get hold of this fan must-have.

Want to order a copy? Go to, open your account and type in the AURA email address: Magazines are each $24 plus shipping/postage; provide postage for each copy. In the US, add $3.50 ($27.50 per copy). In Canada, add $6 ($30 per copy). For all other countries add $$20 ($44 per copy). If you purchase a magazine, a complimentary digital file will follow soon. You can also pick up just the digital file for $10. Editor, Alice, has kindly offered to pay $7 of the postage for the first 20 orders placed by our readers.

For more info, visit the Aura website. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes can’t wait for my copy to arrive :)

  • Sam

    $24 for a tribute magazine? No, thanks!

    Aura has not been endorsed by Adam himself, or by his family.

    Being a fan is a very personal thing. I love Adam Lambert with all my heart, but I don’t need (to read) a tribute magazine.

  • glamity58

    I got my copy and it is fabulous. Thanks Flecking. I see Lambertlust posted. Wait til you see it….it is great. Wonderful stories and pictures. I’m sure Adam would love it.

  • Ovationimpact

    Looking forward to the arrival of Aura! By fans for fans… Nice.

  • Anonymous

    Those people using Adam’s name to make money off fans is horrible! There’s a 234 pages BEDLAM Fanzine created by Glamberts for Glamberts for FREE, that’s what fans do.

  • Daisy

    Exactly! They are making money off Adam Lambert’s loyal fans.

    Earlier this year, they were saying that any profits (after deducting all the expenses – such as the costs of THEIR TIME, the printing costs, etc) would be donated to a charity. It is funny that there is no mention of it here.

  • JuneauXena

    Adam Lambert tweeted “Finally read thru my copy of AURA. Thank you all so much for your heartfelt memories. I create to make you all happy! I love out GLAMILY.” – So happy to see Adam loved AURA and all the fans’ stories. It’s an amazing tribute magazine, worth every penny!

  • Pete

    Aura is nutured by greed, nothing else. And Adam is not part of fandom, so thankfully he doesn’t know the despicable people that are unfortunately part of it. Also, google the definition of fanzine. Also the second, the people that are pimping Aura here are also driven by attention-seeking impulses. Bummer for the fandom as a unit.

  • turq

    If you want it, buy it. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. Let’s keep this simple and friendly.