Matt Willis @ Gay Pride 2009

We didn’t have him down as the Gay Pride type but there he is, Matt Willis papped having a drink at Gay Pride 2009.The photographer describes him as pissed although he looks alright to us.For those of you worrying that he might have turned don’t panic, Matt told us he was actually in the area […]

Check Willis Out!

We don’t see half as many Willis photographs these days, not like we used to, so it’s nice to see him having a bit of a pose – and doesn’t he look great? If you need your fix of Matt photos with everything from present day all the way back to the Busted days check […]

More more more!

Apologies for all the David Gestness! But we know you guys like a bit of Willis. There’s much debate about Matt’s new hair do… we want to know what you think! Leave a comment on this post letting us know if you like it or hate it?