Andrew Garfield celebrates naked!

Andrew Garfield celebrated bagging the role of Spider-Man by getting naked.

The 27-year-old actor, who has replaced Tobey Maguire in the flicks, couldn’t believe he had landed the role he had dreamed about since he was a kid.

“I just blacked out and ran around naked for a while or something,” he said. “Ha! I tried to climb walls and stuff and broke my wrist — no not really.”

“I never expected to get it because it’s something that you dream about when you’re four years old and how often does reality match up with a dream. Never, but I’ve been very, very lucky. You never think you’re going to get a chance to portray a symbol that has meant so much to you since you were old enough to understand the concept of justice. It’s just an incredible thing.”

“I’ve been very lucky and if I analyze it too much it freaks me out. I’m an actor and I love being an actor and it’s very difficult to be a working actor, whether it’s work that you’re proud of or not.” he added.

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