When band members go solo: the good, the bad & the ugly

Photo: Kate Mortimer / Flecking Records
Sometimes, when a musician loves his/herself very much, they find other musicians who love themselves very much and they form a band… but sometimes these bands don’t work out and they break up – the important thing to remember is that it isn’t your fault. Read more about When band members go solo: the good, the bad & the ugly

Blazin’ Squad Interview

"There's a lot of artists that we'd love to tour with for many different reasons, but it's got to be Tim Westwood 'cause he's a funny dude."

Blazin’ Squad are back, new and improved.
The boys are exploding back onto the scene with their new single Let’s Start Again after a five year break. Lee, James, Mus, Marcel and Kenzie are back.
We were lucky enough to have a chat with James, Mus and Kenzie to find out what’s going on in Blazin’ world.
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Come fly with me…

It’s always the same in the build up to the big celebrity reality TV shows, we alawys worry that one of our lot might turn up on them. Ever since the Willis incident of 2006 we’ve realised no one is safe, the people we love can turn up on these shows, forcing us to watch […]