Come fly with me…

It’s always the same in the build up to the big celebrity reality TV shows, we alawys worry that one of our lot might turn up on them.
Ever since the Willis incident of 2006 we’ve realised no one is safe, the people we love can turn up on these shows, forcing us to watch them every night without fail.

Oh how happy we were when Celebrity Big Brother was axed, that was one less for us to worry about. Imagine how we felt at the announcement of CelebAir.

“ITV2 will be taking to the skies with the brand new show, CelebAir – with a real plane, flying to real places, staffed by real celebrities!”

Real celebrities? It’s OK we all exaggerate sometimes.

So the line up has been announced and do we know any of them? Of course we do, but we’re not worried, we were pleasantly surprised because the Flecking celebrity taking part is Chico!

So charming, so funny, so entertaining – we think this is going to be right up Chico’s street and we’re behind him all the way.

Chico had this to say on the matter :

“My head is frazzled and my mind is bedazzled. And all I can say to all the cabin crew out there is that I salute you and love you.

“What time is it? It’s CelebAir time!”

So the other celebrities… I bet you’re on the edge of your seat wondering who else will be taking to the skies right? Here is the list below, including any other reality TV shows they may have appeared on. These guys aren’t celebrities, they’re reality TV stars!!

Tamara Beckwith – Celebrity Scissorhands, Come Dine With Me, Celeb Detox, So You Think You Can Teach and Celebrities Under Pressure. (oh my god.)


Kenzie – Celebrity Big Brother, Cirque De Celebrite

Amy Lamé –
Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Black Jack, Celebrity Poker Challenger

Lisa Maffia – The Games

Michelle Marsh – The X Factor: Battle Of The Stars

Dan O’Connor – Australian Idol

Phil Cornwell – The Weakest Link

Mica Paris –
Strictly Come Dancing

Lisa Scott-Lee & Johnny Shentall – Dancing On Ice (Lisa), Totally Scott-Lee (eww)

I feel cheated. Ahh well, GO CHICO!