Alright for some eh?

It’s your 40th, you’re P Diddy, so how much do you spend for this night? Around $3m (£1.8m) should do the trick! According to The New York Post, the rapper created a Garden of Eden theme for the celebration which was held at the Plaza Hotel in the city. For the event, he reportedly installed […]


Look at the photo on the right (and try not to read ahead), who do you think this hairy beast is? It’s someone you’ve heard of. Someone stunningly handsome. A world famous actor (possibly) embarking on a music career. Yes! It’s Joaquin Phoenix – I honestly think I’m going to cry. I can’t believe the […]


So Barack Obama is to be the next President of the USA. Here at camp Flecking we sat up to watch the results, mainly because it was just so funny on ITV – whoever’s idea it was to book John Culshaw should get a raise! So what do the celebrities of the world think of […]