Oh Shakira!

It’s bad enough for us mere mortals to hear the words, ‘Cover up dear!’, but you’d think that Shakira’s fiance wouldn’t mind! It is her job after all. After he saw the She Wolf video he told her to cover up more in videos. But does he not realise we’ve seen it all before anyway? […]

2009 American Music Awards

Yesterday many artists and celebrities gathered at the Nokia Theatre in LA. Among some of the stars were Black Eyed Peas, Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Nicole Kidman, 50 Cent and Shakira. Here we have a collection of the good, bad and just downright weird! Judge for yourself…. Really Shakira? We’re not digging the dress… […]

Shakira has belly danced since birth

Despite having lessons as a child, Shakira reckons that she has been able to belly dance since birth. Shakira said “For me, it was, and is, more of a natural thing. It’s something that was practically given to me at birth, and for which I never had to train myself. These movements, they are inside […]

He Wolf

There’s a he wolf, and we’ll be there’s nothing in his closet. We’ve all seen Shakira’s music video for She Wolf, well now you can check out He Wolf, pretty much a frame-by-frame remake, only starring a fella. Genius.

Shakira’s at it again…

… in her new video for ‘Did It Again’. If you thought her dancing was crazy in ‘She Wolf’, then you’ll enjoy this! Check out the dancing in the bedroom scene (we’re aware that sounds wrong!).

Shakira’s a dog!

If you’re pervy your prayers have been answered! Ever wanted to see Shakira lift her leg above her head while wearing a nude suit and panting and howling like a wolf? Of course you have! Then this is the video for you!

Double Trouble at the VMAs!

Turning up at a party to find another girl wearing the exact same outfit as you is every girl’s worst nightmare… imagine it happening at the bloody VMAs! That’s exactly what happened to poor Shakira and poor Pink, who turned up to the awards ceremony wearing the same sequined Balmain mini dress. The questions is, […]