SuBo Merch!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – Susan Boyle merchandise. That’s right, you can now be the proud owner of SuBo t-shirts, bags and even a SuBo hoodie. The bright red hoodie can be yours for just £34.99, and features the star’s face on the back. Kind of. We think the heavily modified image […]

Sharon O says sorry

Sharon Osbourne has said sorry for poking fun at Susan Boyle’s appearance. The star joked on US radio that the Britain’s Got Talent singer had been hit with the ‘ugly stick’. ‘Susan Boyle is a lovely gracious woman and I took advantage of that by poking fun at her,’ Sharon wrote on Facebook. ‘I would […]

SuBo vs Sharon Osbourne

The battle of the words is on! Well, not really. In actual fact, the Britain’s Got Talent runner up has admitted that she doesn’t listen to US radio and so she hasn’t actually heard what Sharon Osbourne said about her. If you don’t know what Sharon said about Susan, she referred to her as “a […]

An Audience With SuBo

One thing we won’t be watching this Christmas – An Audience With Susan “it’s coming straight for us” Boyle. The Britain’s Got Talent runner up will perform songs and chat about her life in front of a celebrity audience. The hour long special will air on ITV. ‘Everyone is really excited about the show,’ a […]

He’s a she! She’s a he! He’s a she-she…

Oh we SO wish this were true! The (wonderful) rumours that legend Robin Williams was to play Susan Boyle on the big screen have been have been rubbished by Robin’s people! Boo! It was reported that the comedian was interested in turning the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up’s life story into a Hollywood biopic. The following […]

Britain’s Hot Talent

Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle. It’s all we’re reading at the moment. What’s the big deal? We find it quite patronising that just because she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world that everyone is making such a big deal about the fact she can sing! The latest news is that she has […]