Housemates monkey around

you have only just watched tonight’s episode and want to wait til tomorrow to find out who Dale chose then look away now!
After spending well over 10 hours hanging on a tyre dressed as a gorilla, Dale won the ‘Head of House’ title. He painstakingly chose his housemates Stuart, Maysoon, Rex and Luke and waited a while to announce his fifth housemate. Knowing that he couldn’t break Luke and Rebecca up, he chose her. She tried to contain her excitement, but was obviously very pleased that she was picked to be in Heaven.

Since all the new Heavenly housemates have been over on the good side, they had a huge party. Hell housemates did not look too best pleased!!BB in the last 24 hours:
– Darnell hates life in hell. He was sulking over demands from the Heaven housemates. Not nice on the other side is it Darnell?
– Dale and Darnell complained about each other.. To other people.
– Mohammed and Dale had an argument over Rebecca’s toothbrush joke. Dale thinks that “people need to calm down”. He’s not wrong either.
– Luke and Dale talk about Jen, and Dale confides that he wants to get out of the house to see her.
– Rebecca licked fur on a lamp and a toe.
– Rex questioned Luke and Rebecca on their bed status and why they always sleep in the same bed.
However after much protesting and claiming it was because it was warmer, Rex casually said, “I fail to believe that you’re sleeping in the same bed just because of the warmth”.