Not In My Name

Our good friend Chas Newkey-Burden’s latest book is out 7th August (co-written with Julie Burchill).

Not In My Name: A Compendium Of Modern Hypocrisy

It is a great and glorious tradition the world over – to vehemently state one thing and then do the exact opposite. Royals are doing it, reformed smokers are doing it, and politicians are virtually synonymous with it.
Welcome to the heyday of hypocrisy.
From the everyday hypocrites (cyclists, white hip-hop fans, reality television-haters) to the truly pungent stinking hypocrites (chav-haters, green campaigners and anti-Americans), Julie Burchill and Chas Newkey-Burden pull no punches in this witty harangue of those who shamelessly say one thing and do another.

Published by Virgin Books.
Serialised in the Daily Mail this week.
You can pre-order it from Amazon and save 40% by clicking here. Facebook Page.