Fashion or Photography?

Apparently too difficult a decision for Karl Lagerfeld to make, so much so he’d “rather commit suicide than have to choose between them.

What can force me to be one? I like to be all,” Karl declared. “The different aspects make the one man.

They’re not the only components that make up them man, Lagerfeld also has a love for literature.

I’m mad for books,” he tells this week’s Sunday Times. “It is a disease I won’t recover from. They are the tragedy of my life. I want to learn about everything. I want to know everything, but I’m not an intellectual, and I don’t like their company. I’m the most superficial man on Earth.

“I never make serious conversation. It bores me to death,” he adds. “I hate that. I love knowledge for myself, but I don’t care what other people think. As long as you agree with yourself, that’s enough, no? I judge nobody. I laugh about myself. That I can do; I know myself pretty well.

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