McCock Up

Why is it so difficult to be a McFly fan these days?
One of our Fleckers was unlucky enough to be waiting in line this morning to secure a wristband for a McFly signing in Bristol.
Imagine the situation – you wake up at 5 o’clock, and arrive at Zavvi before 7 o’clock. You wait around for a while, until somebody in the queue tells you wristbands aren’t available until the next day. Zavvi are incredibly unhelpful, and to begin with don’t keep us informed at all. They just stick a note on the window quoting “unforeseen circumstances”. As you can probably imagine this causes outrage amongst the fans (some of them are school girls accompanied by parents, and one person who purposely took the day off work). So what does an angry McMob do to attract the attention of Zavvi staff? Well we are quite civilised and write a letter to stick on the shop door.
A man then decides to explain the situation, but it’s the promotions company he blames and tells us to contact them. Does he have their number? No. But he does say it’s just as annoying for them as it is for us, the fans.
Whether it’s Zavvi’s fault, or McFly’s promotions company, we have been told “Lies” and would like some answers please!?

Posted by: Lucy