Emotions run high on The X Factor

I’m not normally one to get emotional over tv programmes like ‘The X Factor’, but this week’s was particularly heart wrenching with Daniel and Scott in the bottom two.

Simon Cowell and Danni Minogue predictably chose their own respective contestants to stay, so the difficult decision was left to Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh.

Cheryl sent home Scott, purely based on the feeling and emotion in Daniel’s final performance. Fair enough. But some of the audience obviously didn’t think so, booing her decision. Boo yourselves audience, we love Cheryl!

Surpisingly, even Louis had to fight back the tears, finally saving Daniel because he “sang every word like he meant it.”

Bye bye Scott, we look forward to forgetting your face like we do with all the other X-contestants.

Next week will see an X Factor performance for Will Young, and we like how they’re keeping it in the family by inviting ex-reality contestants to perform. Leon Jackson, Girls Aloud, Will Young, who next? Please don’t let it be Danni Minogue…

On the 27th October the final 12 contestants will be releasing a cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ in aid of The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and Forces charity Help for Heroes. Hoping for a number one Simon? It’s painfully cheesey, but let’s hope it raises plenty of money for 2 very good causes indeed.