Mission Possible!

So it’s almost winter, but I’m personally very excited about this! A new season of fashion, you can wear twice as many clothes at once and just think of all those extra accessories!

Here is your Flecking Fashion checklist of what we’re predicting / demanding will be all over everyone who’s anyone this winter!

Animal Print.
It was hot over the summer, but we don’t think the world is ready to pack away their prints just yet!
Top buy: Topshop are selling an amazing leopard print shopping bag!

Ear Muffs.
We really want ear muffs to happen this year! They look cute AND keep your ears warm. We’ve already spotted an alarming number of people wearing hats that look totally ridiculous – no one can get ear muffs wrong!
Top Buy: Oh you can get these all over. Claire’s Accessories & Dorothy Perkins have the best looking ones! If you to be really swish urbanoutfitters.com are selling a pair with built in headphones!
Coats with 3/4 sleeves.
OK, they’re not THAT practical but they look great! With the right pair of gloves they still keep you warm, and you can still pile on the wrist accessories!
Top Buy: I have one not too different to this one (mines got pink in it, naturally). This one is £30 from Matalan.

Fingerless Gloves / Long Gloves.
Fingerless ’cause you can still text/ use your iPod/show off your nails in them! Most shops have ones with a special bit that allows you to turn them in to mittens if your fingers get cold. Genius.
Or if you’ve opted for the 3/4 sleeve coat, long gloves are going to be your best friend!
Top Buys: Dorothy Perkins have a great selection of both! Good old DPs!

White Nails.
White, snow, Christmas… eeee! White nails have the elegance of a French manicure only you can do them in a quarter of the time!
Top Buy: It’s worth paying for a decent one ’cause a cheap one will look crap / like Tip-Ex (think back to year 6)