Never Mind The Captain…

The episode of NMTB that was supposed to air tonight will not be broadcast due to Russell Brand being a team captain. Instead we’ll be seeing next weeks episode with guest captain James Corden.

I’m personally annoyed by the “drama” for a few reasons!

First of all I was really looking forward to watching JR interview Miley Cyrus, thinking it would be interesting to see her interviewed by someone who wouldn’t hold back. Due to Ross’ suspension this isn’t going to happen.

While I understand the support from his fans, there’s supporting someone and then there’s condoning their actions.
If you’re a fan of Russell Brand, stand by him by all means, but don’t brush what he did off as not being a big deal!
In any other situation I would probably agree that it was all quite funny, however I do feel that people are forgetting the harmless little old TV legend who was the punchline.

My question to the people saying Brand did nothing wrong is : How would you feel if it was your granddad they called?
Regardless of whether Georgina slept with him or not, she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way and if someone had called up my grandad telling him I slept with a tramp like Brand I would be mortified!

I do think it’s all been taken way too far with people getting involved who should have better things to do, and I do think Brand and Ross are sorry for what they did – both releasing public apologies stating they knew they had taken it too far.