Niall kidnaps McQueens! – Spoiler alert


Over here at Flecking, we’re big fans of Hollyoaks. We get so gripped with the storylines, and all the explosive stories. This year so far, Max has died, OB left (the end of an era as far as we’re concerned!), Keiron died and Craig come back to take John Paul away. It’s been dramatic! However the McQueen’s family tops it all. Tina slept with her sister’s ex husband and had his baby rather than Tony’s, Carmel thinks her husband is innocent, but yet the policeman killed a drug dealer, Sasha got addicted to Heroin, Calvin kissed his Dad’s soon-to-be Wife, Mercedes got it off with her boyfriend’s brother and possibly contracted AIDS, John Paul went out with a gay Priest, Myra gave her baby away when she was a kid, and now it’s all coming back to haunt her.

From the second that Niall appeared on the Hollyoaks screen, he was a bit shifty. Hollyoaks have turned him in to a great character, and what with the fantastic storylines and the brilliant acting from Barry Sloane, they were sure to get an explosive end to this McQueen kidnapping plot.

This week sit back and watch as Niall continuously takes each McQueen sister and ties them up at the alter inside an old church where he was first abandoned. Niall asks Myra 6 questions, and for every one she gets wrong she has to choose the child she wants dead. But that’s not all Nasty Niall has up his sleeve. Although Dom, Tony and Jack and Darren separately come to save the day, it’s all for no purpose. Two massive explosions go off within the church and all the McQueens try and get out, but is it too late for one of them?

After this massive ordeal, everyone is found… But what about Niall? Where is he?

You’ll have to tune in to find out!