The midweek chart’s a shocker!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It’s bad midweek news for George Sampson and McFly, neither of them are even making it into the top 20 let alone the top 10! We thought charity singles were always high fliers in the chart didn’t we McFly?? Bad times.

But it’s good times for Take That, who are wearing the boy band crown with pride and outselling nearest chart rival Beyonce – ‘Greatest Day‘ sold 24,666 copies on it’s first day. The TT boys look set for an eleventh number one – that appearance on X Factor seems to have worked wonders. And speaking of X Factor, Same Difference are breaking into the top 10 with their debut single ‘We R One’

The chart buying public are a fickle bunch it seems, hardly letting Madonna’s new single into the top 40. To be honest we’ve not even heard it!

We’ll keep an eye on this, maybe this could have all changed by Sunday. Maybe Britney’s appearance on this week’s X Factor could boost ‘Womanizer’ into the top 5? Maybe McFly will finally realise they don’t have the the same magic touch they used to? And maybe one of us will actually hear that Madonna song?