S Club … 3?

There are only a few rare occasionswhen Flecking gets this excited about a reunion. Take That for example, that was a highlight! But this possibly tops that.

S Club 7 are coming back! Well, they are coming back as a 3, but still.

Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole have already been booked in for a few appearances at universities and nightclubs. They are performing their old hits over a 20 minute set and charging a nice £3,000 for it. Can’t go wrong really!

Although they have only got a few gigs, pop promoter Terry Mills has reassured everyone, “It’s early days.

“They’ve got some good songs so I’m sure they’ll get bookings. Everyone deserves to make some cash in the credit crunch.”

However it is just 3 members and not the full 7, so where are the others? Well they just couldn’t be convinced, which is a shame because reforming is the new “cool” thing to do.

At £3,000, you better start saving!