And the winner is…

Nuts magazine have revealed this years winner of their WISA (Women I Secretly Adore) award. It’s Kate Garraway!
Loose Women’s Jackie Brambles and Jane McDonald also featured in the top ten, along with Fern Britton, Lorraine Kelly and Helen Mirren!
We found a brilliant quote from the Nuts editor Pete Cashmore, “This poll shows how men have an appreciation of women that is as broad and varied as woman herself, challenging the stereotype of us guys only lusting after young pneumatic twentysomething models.”

But, alas, you’d never see Kate Garraway with her boobies out in Nuts mag. That is something left to the “young pneumatic twentysomething models.”

This also reminds us that Heat magazine revealed their Weird Crush 2008 winner last week. Beating off stiff [hehe] competition from Barack O’Bama and Peep Show’s David Mitchell, was this year’s winner Jeremy Clarkson!

I have to say on a personal level I have a bit of a thing for Jezza, so thought I’d share a 6 1/2 minute video celebrating the sexual prowess of Mr Clarkson. Hubba hubba!