Diana is still denying it…

If you watched The X Factor on Saturday night, you would have seen the bond that Diana and Eoghan have. But it seems as though she’s still denying the fact that something’s going on between the two.

During a radio interview with 105.4 Century Radio, Diana told them how she was moving out of Blackburn and down to London instead for a little while.

She was asked why she was leaving her home town and she replied: “I don’t want to, but if I want to pursue a career in all this I might have to move up to London.”

Apparently she has “cooled off” things with her boyfriend Chris Jones, as she won’t be back in Blackburn until Christmas. Is there a possibility that she’s backing off because she secretely wants to be with Eoghan?

When asked about her relationship with the singer who is now backed by James Bourne, she said: “No, we’re just really really good friends. We’ve grown really fond of each other throughout the competition and that’s it really.”

The radio station then said how he was, “all over” her, she replied with: “I know, he’s a young lad and everything. We’ve been each other’s rocks, he didn’t know what to do. He was gutted as we said we’d be with each other until the end.”

Either way, you two look pretty close from where we are!