Hannah Tointon jumps from small screen to widescreen

British horror film The Children came out in cinemas today, and it stars Hannah Tointon.

Personally I can’t watch horror films, I actually go out of my way to avoid them but I did brave this trailer. If you’re a bit of a girl like me then don’t watch past 0.50!!

Here’s the premise of the film:
“The Christmas holidays turn into a nightmare for two families as children turn against their parents. It’s the festive season, a time of gifts and laughter, family and friendship.
Or at least that’s what two couples think when they gather for a house party with their kids amidst idyllic, snow-covered countryside. But instead of finding glad tidings of joy, there’s only worry as, one by one, the children apparently fall ill. But what if something altogether more sinister is happening?”

We are intrigued by Hannah’s first role since Hollyoaks (bar a Clean & Clear ad!). She unfortunately got a lot of abuse whilst starring in the soap, and has spoken to Digital Spy about her time in Chester in interview to promote the new film. Does she think it hindered her acting career? “I really don’t know the answer to that because I don’t think you can ever say something hindered you. I’d hate to think that because I loved my time on Hollyoaks and it was great acting for a whole year. I really believe that you can do anything and if people have a perception because you’re in a soap I think that’s quite sad. Acting is great in anything you do, so I kind of go by that!”

So what’s next for Hannah? She tells DS “I’ve been doing bits and bobs and I’d love to do more British films. I enjoyed the whole process so much. It was really refreshing to have a beginning, a middle and an end and to really be able to go into your character and story. I’d maybe like to do a bit of theatre, but I’m open to anything. I’ve just got to wait and see I guess.”

Open to anything eh Hannah?